Kids theme bedrooms

A Fantasy for Your Child

by Kathy Wilson

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Creative Kids' Rooms on a Budget

Every parent wants to provide their kids with a safe, inviting space of their own. Hopefully, it will also be a space to stimulate imagination! If you look through the latest magazines on decorating for kids, those fantasy theme rooms seem out of reach for most parents' pocketbooks. However, using themes in your child's room can actually save you money be providing a sharp focus, and stimulating your own imagination. (We all miss kindergarten deep down!)

Here are some great ways to use themes to create a creative space for your child, on a budget.

  • Let your child participate in choosing a theme for their room. If you choose something that applies to their personality, instead of the cute licensed character themes all the neighbors are using, your kids will enjoy the room far longer. If your child is a ballerina, or a sports fan, this is easy. But look a little deeper. Some children might enjoy a room that expresses their love of science, computers, camping or art.
  • Imagine if you were decorating a classroom in your child's theme. What kind of decorations would you and the children make? This can help you to integrate fun educational activities into the room, which will stimulate your child's brain. Try using chalkboard or magnetic paint on a small area of the wall, or help your child create wall hangings to teach others about their interests.
  • Think like a child. Remember that your room doesn't have to impress Better Homes. Paint wonderful murals on the walls with inexpensive acrylic paint, and use the confidence of a 5-year-old. Simple shapes and colors are all it takes to create a wonderland for your kids, so don't be afraid to take up the brush and add wonder. Paint is cheap, and if you don't like it when you are finished, you can repaint. Try simple trees, clouds, fences, racetracks, or trucks and cars. If you could draw in kindergarten, you can do this.
  • Use solid colors for your bedding and window treatments, so they don't compete with your theme. You can easily create a comforter cover for your child's existing bedding out of flat sheets from the discount store. Just sew up three sides, insert the old comforter, and then close the fourth side with Velcro, buttons, or ribbon ties. Use the same cheap flat sheets to make simple rod pocket curtains.
  • Sew up some cute throw pillows from scrap fabric in your child's theme. Or add felt faces to existing throw pillows with fabric glue. Puppies, cats and bears are all easy and cute!
  • Add creative accessories in your theme around the room to tie it together. Hot wheels type cars can be picked up at the dollar shop and glued around the window, and small animals can be hung from the ceiling in a jungle room. Display the items your child already owns related to the theme on shelves and in corners.

With a little creativity and a plan, theme rooms for kids can be a fantasy come true, even on a tight budget!

Would you like free budget decorating ideas? Kathy Wilson is an author, columnist, and editor of The Budget Decorator. Visit her at for more tips and ideas, and to sign up for her free newsletter.

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