Scrapbooking for Money

by Susie Cortright

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Wouldn't it be a dream to profit from your love of scrapbooking? Here are four of the most popular ways to earn money from your scrapbooking hobby:

1. Become a Scrapbook Consultant

Research the variety of direct sales scrapbooking companies that allow you to earn a commission on products that you sell at scrapbooking classes, crops, and other events. Some such direct sales companies have very flexible provisions that could even allow you to sign up just to get the consultant discount on your own supplies or the supplies you use in custom scrapbooks that you make for others.

2. Teach Scrapbooking Locally

Offer to teach at scrapbooking stores or community education centers. Or work with a direct sales company to offer classes in Card Making, Mini Albums, Scrapbooking 101, Rubber Stamping, About Me Scrapbooking, and more. Also consider offering classes that revolve around special events in people's lives. For example, you can help people plan baby showers and wedding showers in which guests come together to learn about scrapbooking and make a treasured memento in the process. This is an amazing way to make valuable difference in people's lives and relationships.

3. Create Custom Scrapbooks for Others

Some companies are starting to offer comprehensive kits that make this process much easier, with everything you need to create albums for others along various themes. You can charge by the page or by the hour. Sue DiFranco of Fun Facts Publishing has published an informative book on this topic titled Make Money Making Scrapbooks for Others (The Complete Guide for Creating the Career of Your Dreams!) , which is particularly helpful when trying to determine how to price your work.

4. Set up a Scrapbooking Store Online

Whether you stock your own products or become an affiliate of an existing online scrapbooking store, this is a fun way to build a career in scrapbooking no matter where you live. The overhead on starting your own store can be high. You may want to investigate the e-commerce capabilities and policies of various direct sales scrapbooking companies as well to reduce your overhead still further.

A scrapbooking business is one of the most rewarding opportunities as it allows you to help people in your community to capture and celebrate life. Enjoy discovering the opportunities for making a scrapbooking business work for you!

Susie Cortright is the founder of Momscape's Scrapbooking Playground at and a Team Captain for a large group of scrapbooking instructors. Find out about the opportunity she chose at

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