My Story: Valentine's Day

contributed by Lisa

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Celebrating Valentine's Day

Frugal Valentine's Day Ideas

Are you a disaster in the kitchen? A little short on the creative side? Have no time? Here are some quick, inexpensive Valentine surprises you can give your sweetie, all under 10 minutes and $10! If you're not much of a crafter, writer, cook or baker, here are some simple easy gestures that take little time and money but will be much appreciated.

  • Surprise your lover at work or school with coffee and a cookie or muffin.
  • Spread fake rose petals on the bed and light some candles. Use linen spray on the sheets. Atmosphere is everything! You can whip up your own linen spray by using a little vodka/water combo and some fragrance you buy at the dollar store. Mix 1/2 cup vodka, 1/4 cup water and 1/2 tsp. fragrance.
  • Draw a bath for your special person with bubble bath you bought for them, light a few candles and bring them a cup of tea. Maybe you want to sponge them clean.
  • Text message their cellphone or send them a sweet e-mail every hour for a few hours.
  • Get a mug from the Salvation Army with hearts on it and fill a red velvet bag with raspberry chocolate coffee beans or other appropriate flavoured coffee. You can stick a few heart shaped lollypops in there as it is a good sweetener for coffee!
  • Buy a rose plant or another type of plant. I had a friend who once bought a heart shaped small vase and planted a small rose plant in it (lasts so much longer than flowers!). It looked really cool and I think he spent $4 for everything.
  • Try a body sundae in a box. This is a fun gift if you have a very playful lover! In a small box bought from the dollar store, put in cinnamon hearts, chocolate sprinkles, one tea light, canned whipped cream, and chocolate sauce (all this can be bought at a dollar store). Label it something like "A body sundae for you, because you are so sweet." Use your imagination on the title and with the body sundae.

Have a lovely, frugal Valentine's!

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  • Try one or more of these great ideas or come up with one of your own.
  • For more Valentine's Day ideas, visit The Dollar Stretcher Library.
  • Consider our readers suggestions on how to ask your special someone to 'Be My Valentine'.

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