Creative Gift Wrap

by Melanie Farkas

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When I am trying to figure out how to wrap gifts, I try to think out of the literal box …and paper. Instead, I try to find something useful to use for the wrapping. This really makes two gifts, which is fun. I don't spend much on the "wrapping" and usually it takes less time to fix up then if I used regular wrapping paper and ribbons. I'll share with you a few of my best secrets for how to wrap gifts, and you'll never cut a snip of paper. Plus if you happen to like trees, here's a way to save a few:

  • To me, gift wrapping doesn't get any easier than a fun tote bag, backpack, briefcase or zipper bag from the thrift store or discount rack. I keep my eyes open for bags that are elegant, sporty or wacky. Just throw the gift inside and you're ready to go.
  • Rubbermaid totes and leftover dishes are one of the most useful things ever invented. Well, at least, they're in the top 10,000 useful things. Who can't use another one to organize a corner in the basement, a shelf in the closet, the trunk of their car? Put the gift inside and pop the lid on. If I'm feeling really creative and have ten extra seconds, I even stick a bow on top.
  • Sometimes when I am contemplating how to wrap gifts, I look around the house for an ordinary item, like a Kleenex box, for instance. I let the children decorate it with their names and messages. Then all I have to do is stuff a new kitchen towel, t-shirt or other small piece of clothing inside the box and leave a little tuft sticking out like a tissue.
  • Use a fun pillowcase as your gift bag. I like ones made of satin, flannel or from a child's sheet set with cartoons on it.
  • Cheap plastic toolboxes make great "kits" for anything from snacks to craft supplies to tools. Now that's an original thought.
  • I think it's funny to hide a small gift in a shoe. You can match the shoe to the recipient or just pick the funkiest shoe you could find like a cowboy boot with flames.
  • Carefully open a box of cereal on the bottom side and slip a tiny gift inside. Glue the flaps shut again and present the cereal at breakfast or at midnight (that's when most of the adults I know eat cereal).
  • Replace a game piece in a new or old game with your gift, like a ring, for example. Hint. Hint.
  • Other great gift containers I like include tins, canisters, plastic drawer sets, old instrument cases, travel laundry bags, coolers, old stationery boxes, and baskets with lids.

Now have some fun deciding how to wrap gifts!

Melanie Farkas is the Holiday Gift Lady. She has gift ideas from all over the world at her website

You can find many more easy gift wrapping ideas on her PRESENTation Tips page.

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