Dress up your princess' digs for a fraction of the cost

Princess Bedroom on a Pauper's Budget

by Kathy Wilson

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Every little girl wants to feel like a princess, but with the cost of "Princess" brand bedding, window treatments and accessories, the cost can be a king's ransom. Here are some great ideas for dressing up your princess' digs for a fraction of the cost.

Use purple. Purple is a great color for a princess room because it is the color of royalty. Pair it with pink, blue or white, and you have a surefire color scheme fit for a princess.

Use paint lavishly in your new royal room. Paint all the walls, the ceiling and the furniture! Use a gold paint pen to accent details in the furniture. Paint a sky and sponge clouds all across the ceiling for drama. Paint each wall a different shade of your color palette, using the most dramatic shade for behind the bed.

The bed is key in the princess room. You don't have to have printed princess comforters and pillows. Instead, just stitch up a comforter cover from two flat sheets in your princess colors. Make throw pillows as well; adding lace or bullion trim for little touches of luxury. The princess canopy is a must! You can often find netting canopies at the discount shop for less than $20 or you can make your own. Pick up yards of a netting fabric from your fabric shop (check the clearance table!), and hang it from the ceiling over the bed with small cup hooks or even towel rings. Make sure you buy enough so that it reaches the floor.

Finally, add some personal princess touches. Use yellow craft foam to cut out a picture frame in the shape of a crown, and use it to frame and hang her drawings or pictures of her and her family around the room. You could even make a border out of them. Make a crown from cardboard and foil for her favorite teddy in the corner of her room. And if she just has to have those favorite famous "Princesses" in her room, you can find stick on wall treatments for under $10 at Wal-Mart and other discount stores. Add them to the princess room as a final touch, and even if she outgrows the stickers in a year, the princess room will continue to make her feel royally special.

Reviewed March 2018

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