Wrapping Holiday Gift Cards

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Inexpensive Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

Wrapping Gift Cards

I'm giving gift cards as gifts and would love some clever gift wrapping ideas. I'm drawing a blank. Thanks!
April in TN

Wrapping Gift Cards "Can" Be Fun

You could use a new quart size paint can. These are available at home centers or paint stores and are inexpensive. They are silver and could be decorated with stickers on the outside or left plain and just topped with a bow. They can even be mailed. Just put an address sticker directly on the can! Be really creative and add a note using the word "can." For example, try "Now you CAN enjoy dinner on us!"

Wrapping Gift Cards: Spread Holiday Cheer

Place the gift cards in Christmas mugs that you can pick up at yard sales or thrift stores. Add a single packet of hot chocolate mix, a peppermint stick and the recipient's favorite candy bar, and then wrap the mug in a cute Christmas cellophane bag that you can get at the dollar store. Tie on a nametag with matching ribbon.

Another idea is to use a Christmas potholder with a pocket on the front or use the glove type potholder. Insert the gift card along with a small packet of brownie, cookie or muffin mix. Add a cute matching spatula and maybe a single pack of popcorn. Tie the gift card on with matching ribbon.

More creative gift wrap ideas

Wrapping Gift Cards: Put a Smile on Their Face

Gift cards are small, so you can always put them with something. Go to the thrift store and buy a bunch of stuffed animals, dolls or other toys. You can buy them in all sizes and styles. A cute little teddy bear holding the gift card for your niece or a GI Joe for the soldier in your family will sure put a smile on their face.

Wrapping Gift Cards: Gifts from Grandma

I'm giving gift cards for Christmas and plan on "wrapping" them in novelty socks for my teenage granddaughters. I'll just fold the socks up and wrap a ribbon around them, shaping them into a box around the gift card. This can be done with a man's handkerchief or bandanna for a boy.

Wrapping Gift Cards: Present on a Silver Platter

A brilliant way to give a gift card is to find a "silver" platter and place the card on that and then put that in a box and wrap it up. The gift is presented to the bearer on a silver platter!
Anne WF in IL

Wrapping Gift Cards: Pretty and Practical

My mother received a gift card from a friend last year that was tucked into homemade felt "pockets." It basically consisted of two pieces of felt sewed or glued together to create a pocket just a little larger than the gift card. Then, they made a Santa face out of different colored pieces of felt (peach for face, white for mustache/beard, red for hat, etc.) and glued that to the pocket. With a fancy star hole punch, they created a couple of decorative holes in the pocket. I didn't see the pocket when she got the gift, but I imagine you could also run some ribbon through one of the holes and attach a nametag to it. My mom now uses this to hold all of her credit cards, so it was very pretty and also useful for more than just a gift card holder!

Wrapping Gift Cards: Make Sweets a Little Sweeter

For my uncle's birthday this year, I got him a Home Depot gift card. As I was also making him some cookies, I put the cookies in a cardboard box I had decorated. As a finishing touch, I poked two little holes in the gift card, one on each side, and attached a simple thin chain to the card. I used the card/chain combination like ribbon to wrap the box. This kind of chain is usually used for jewelry making and can be found in the craft section of your favorite store. I tried to pick an "industrial" looking chain to match the card theme.

Wrapping Gift Cards: The Gift Card Challenge

I had this same challenge last year. On Ebay, I found puzzle gift card holders for about $1 each. You insert the gift card through a small slot in the box (about the size of a deck of cards). In order for the recipient to get the card, they must maneuver a small ball through the puzzle to a trigger to open the box. I did these for my six nieces and nephews and they loved it. The great thing is that the boxes are re-usable.

Wrapping Gift Cards: Wrap with Artistic Flare

Get a book on origami from the library or go online and get free patterns. Draw designs on paper with metallic ink pens and make your own envelopes and "boxes" in origami. Tie on tassels made from colored string or frayed paper. I have received token gifts in these lovely boxes and containers and they are worth more to me than the gift. Sometimes the container is as or more important than the gift.
R. Beard

Wrapping Gift Cards: Kung Pao Chicken or Gift Card?

I have found little decorated boxes at our local Dollar Tree store for placing gift cards in. They are shaped like those little Chinese food boxes but have colorful designs on them. I stick a little bit of tissue paper inside, put the card in and close the box up!
Cindy T

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Wrapping Gift Cards: The Inflated Gift Card

Our children's friends have loved receiving gift cards in balloons! You can easily insert a card into a latex balloon before you inflate it. We also allow our older children to decorate the balloon with permanent markers to personalize the gift.
Wendy in MA

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