My Story: The Convincing Telecommuter

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Maybe you want to save time and money on commuting and office wear, but what's in it for your boss? How can you convince your boss to let you become a telecommuter? Here are some points you can lay out before your boss:

  • Telecommuting improves productivity. You can spend some of your commuting time in your home office. Also, happier staff who have time with their families are more productive.
  • It reduces your boss' overhead. He won't have to maintain office space for you.
  • It's environmentally conscience. If you normally drive to work, imagine how much better it would be for the environment if you worked from home instead?
  • There's less need for pay rises to meet rising costs of commuting. Staying home means you don't require a pay increase every year just to pay public transport costs or fuel costs.
  • Telecommuting eliminates need for extra parking spots. Your boss wouldn't need to maintain as many parking spots if more staff worked from home.
  • There's less sick leave. It's amazing how you can still do some work from home even if you're too sick to drive safely.
  • Offer a trial period. Suggest to your boss that you trial telecommuting for a period of time, say one to three months. Utilize that trial period to show your boss you are still as productive, or even more so, working from home.

If you lay these points out before your boss, chances are he/she will be more likely to consider allowing you to telecommute than if you only lay out the points that directly benefit you.

Last of all, remember to point out that happy employees are stable, productive employees!

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Take the Next Step: If you're interested in telecommuting, get out pen and paper and list as many reasons as you can think of why this would be a win-win situation for both of you. Use the above to get started. Armed with this list, make an appointment to sit down with your employer.

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