Organizing on the Cheap

by Mary Moss

Organizing using a pocket shoe organizer is a great way to create storage space behind a closet door or bedroom door, even in a pantry, laundry room, children's rooms, utility or mud room and even by the front door in the foyer.

Pocket Shoe Organizer in the Pantry or Kitchen

A pocket shoe organizer mounted inside the kitchen or pantry door makes it easy to see what you have and keeps small items from getting strewn all over the cabinets. Clear pocket shoe organizers are perfect for holding envelopes of seasoning and gravy mixes. Gelatin boxes, pasta and rice envelope mixes are also easy to see and readily available when they're stored in a shoe organizer with clear pockets.

Organizing other kitchen items like plastic bags, pot holders, extra chip clips, utensils and foil and plastic wrap boxes is easy when they're stored in a pocket shoe organizer. This is a great storage option if you have limited cabinet space or want to "create" a pantry, and you don't even need to redecorate or add on!

Pocket Shoe Organizer in the Laundry Room/Utility Room

A pocket shoe organizer is a low-cost way of organizing all of your laundry supplies. Mount a clear pocket shoe organizer in the laundry room. Dryer sheets can be stored in one pocket and stain sticks in another. You can also store bleach pens, clothespins, and even lingerie bags for hand washables. A pair of the new dryer balls also fit perfectly into one of the pockets.

If you have a combined laundry/utility room, you may want to hang two pocket shoe organizers. Have one for your laundry items and one for household cleaning supplies. A pocket shoe organizer is ideal for organizing and storing cleaning rags, dust cloths, furniture polish, sponges, rubber gloves and scrub brushes. You can even store bathroom cleaners and air freshener refills in the pockets of a shoe organizer. Using a pocket shoe organizer to store your laundry and household cleaning supplies is a cost-effective, space-saving way to keep your laundry room/utility room organized.

Pocket Shoe Organizer in the Mudroom/Utility Room

In your mudroom/utility room, hang a shoe organizer on the back of the door or next to the door for convenience. Stash your garden clogs or yard work shoes and work gloves in the shoe organizer when you come in from yard work. While you're at it, you can keep your dog leash in one of the pockets, and keep dog toys out of the way and handy by storing them in the shoe organizer as well.

Organizing and planning those trips to the pool will be less chaotic when swim goggles and water shoes are stored neatly in the shoe organizer. When the cooler weather sets in, replace the summer outdoor wear with mittens, gloves, and stocking caps. No matter the season, a pocket shoe organizer is a must have for the family on the go!

Pocket Shoe Organizer in a Child's Room

A pocket shoe organizer mounted on the back of the bedroom door or the inside of a closet door can be a great organization tool for a child's room. Children can store small toys in the pocket shoe organizer. Hand-held electronic games and other electronic devices fit perfectly in the pockets, too. Organizing and storing crayons, markers and other art supplies is hassle-free when they're stored in a pocket shoe organizer.

Older children can store extra school supplies in a pocket shoe organizer. Adults can establish a compact, organized home office by storing items such as rulers, pens and pencils, paper clips, staplers and hole-punchers in the pockets.

Pocket Shoe Organizer as "Organization Central"

To keep everything everyone will need to start their day handy, conveniently located and organized, mount a decorative, heavy-duty pocket shoe organizer on the wall in the foyer or on the inside door of the coat closet. The shoe organizer can hold bills to be mailed, stamps and return address labels, extra sets of keys, a check book, coupon holder, cell phones and anything else your family will need to grab on their way out the door.

Permission slips for school field trips or other papers to be signed and returned to school won't be misplaced if they are slipped into one of the pockets of the shoe organizer. Organizing your family could be accomplished easily when each family member is assigned a pocket (or row) so everyone knows what they need that day and where to find it.

Yes, a pocket shoe organizer can be used simply to store shoes, but thinking outside the box and using your imagination is much more fun. Besides, you've got way too many shoes to fit into one of those shoe organizers!

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  • We all wish to be a little more organized and in control of our surroundings. And a pocket shoe organizer is a great tool in the battle against the clutter. Start with the above great ideas. Also, use your imagination and come up with some additional ideas where this tool will work wonders. You can find a pocket shoe organizer and more at
  • See additional articles on home organization.

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