Romancing The Dollar Store

by Marlene Alexander

This one's for all of you guys out there who think that if you can't buy her a large bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day, then you hadn't better do anything at all. Wrong! While some women may demand a diamond bracelet as proof of their fella's love, most of us get a bigger thrill out of small gestures because although not costly, they mean that we are being thought of with affection. That means a lot to us, whether in the early stages of a relationship or even after being married for thirty years.

So, fellas, here are some insider tips on how to surprise your ladylove with a couple of bucks and a few moments of your time.

Put one of these chocolate roses at her place at the breakfast table or on her pillow the night before. Or remove it from its original packaging and wrap it in a white dinner napkin as shown to put on her dinner plate in the evening. We added a self-sticking heart to dress up the plain paper napkin. You might even write a little love note on the napkin before wrapping the rose in it. The roses were a dollar each, as was the package of fabric stickers.

Most women love to receive a bouquet of flowers, but remember that even a single rose makes a lovely and romantic gesture. Or try an inexpensive bunch of spring posies like these tulips. These cost less than $8. Plunk the flowers down in this delightfully funky vase and tie a length of Valentine ribbon around the neck of the container. The vase and spool of ribbon cost a dollar each. Don't worry if your arrangement doesn't look professional. Believe me, she'll be so thrilled you tried that it won't matter how it looks.

Dollar stores always have plenty of cute stuffed animals and heart-shaped pillows as well, which your loved-one is sure to appreciate simply because you took the time to pick it out for her.

You can do all of these things for your sweetheart for about $5, not including the flowers. So, no excuses! This year, surprise her with one or two thoughtful gestures and just watch her reaction!

Marlene Alexander is a writer living in Ontario, Canada. For more on dollar store shopping, visit her website at

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