Beauty and Bath Products Too Harsh? Mix It Up!

by Gilla Grosinger

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Skincare is something many people have problems with, and in the attempt to find suitable products, inevitably some, no matter how beautiful, will have to be discarded. Or will they?

Unless certain skincare products cause you allergies, simple dilution will let you make over too-harsh or too-heavy products you still love. Yes, you can reinvent that too-thick foundation or that too-heavy moisturizer with the addition of simple ingredients from the health food store.

The beauty of diluting your products is that you can extend their life without needing to add preservatives because they're already there. You are just lightening the product. If you do decide you need additional preservatives, just add a few drops of pure Vitamin E oil, which is an effective and innocuous choice that is also good for the skin.

Aloe Vera gel is an anti-inflammatory plant gel that is wonderful for skin, very light and has a nice silky texture when dried. Add this to beauty creams, cleansers, and foundations that are too heavy, too thick or too creamy until you get the desired weight. Mix these in small batches at a time. For instance, mix a teaspoon of moisturizer to a teaspoon of aloe gel. Experiment with the product to gel ratio.

Sometimes it's better to add a dab of product to a spoon of aloe gel, especially when your beauty product is very concentrated. That way you get a nice light product with the benefit of the active ingredients.

If you'd like it a little runnier, make some herbal tea, allow to cool, and add it, a teaspoon at a time, to your product. Don't hurry this and shake thoroughly to mix it. (You may need to shake it each time you use it thereafter.)

Similarly, you can soften harsh facial cleansers and body washes by adding honey (anti-bacterial), Aloe Vera gel (anti-inflammatory) or olive or macadamia oil (moisturizing). Again, you can add some herbal tea to make them runnier if desired.

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You can, of course, add a little honey to facial products as well, but I prefer to play it safe and stick to the aloe gel and herbal tea, especially with products that stay on the face all day like moisturizers and foundations. You also don't want to attract flies to your face!

With this method, you won't waste as much money as you might in your search for suitable skincare products, and you can extend the life of your existing products to boot. Naturally, if you are allergic or sensitive to any products whatsoever, discard them immediately.

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