Frugal Father's Day Gift

by Melanie Farkas

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Frugal Father's Day Gift Ideas

Fun, Frugal Father's Day Gift Ideas

A Father's Day picture gift can be made several different ways. Here are simple instructions for using your camera for special Father's Day photos:

  • First choose a Father's Day message and divide the letters or words evenly between the available children or family members. Write part of the message on a large piece of cardstock or print the message out on computer paper in jumbo letters. Next line up the entire group with each person holding part of the message. Take several photos of this group shot and frame the best one.
  • Locate a high spot where you will be able to take an above angle picture. It doesn't quite need to be aerial, but a second story landing, porch roof or sturdy tree limb would work. Next, help the children lie on the ground, making their bodies into the shape of the letters D-A-D. You can do each letter separately. If possible, get an assistant to stay on the ground helping with arrangements. Insert the finished Father's Day pictures in a three-sectioned frame.
  • This Father's Day photo gift can include anyone and everyone. First, make a small sign that says "Happy Father's Day." If you want, you can include a picture of dad on the sign. Then take this sign all over town to people dad knows, whether good friends, business associates or bankers. Ask each person to hold the sign and then take a picture of them with it. Be ready with small sheets of paper or cardstock so that each person can write a short message to him if they want. Have the Father's Day pictures printed and put them in a small album. Put each note next to the corresponding picture.
  • Make a list of jobs around the house that dad usually takes care of. Get each member of the family to act out these things, but show them failing miserably. Make a poster that says "We Need You, Dad!" with the pictures pasted all around. For example, have your toddler pictured sliding down in front seat of car trying to reach gas pedal or your child in front of car with grease on hands looking bewildered.

You can see more of Mel's Holiday Gift Ideas for Father's Day plus illustrations for some of these ideas at

Take the Next Step:

  • Whatever you choose to do, don't forget to let Dad know just how important and special he is to your family. Everyone needs to hear that they're loved and needed.
  • For more great Father's Day gift ideas, visit The Dollar Stretcher Library

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