Chic Wall Décor, on a Budget!

by Kathy Wilson

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Decorating our walls can be daunting when you are decorating on a budget. Walls take up a large amount of space, and therefore can eat up a large amount of our decorating budget. Here are some really easy treatments to spice up your walls with inexpensive paint treatments that can be done in an afternoon!

Stripe a Wall

Adding stripes to a wall adds subtle pattern that brings style and interest to any decor. You can keep the stripes wide for a more dramatic look, or just add narrow stripes for a more subtle style. Using similar colors with the alternating stripes will give you the best background for artwork and other displays. You can also make the color contrast more adventurous, and use the striped wall as art in and of itself. Paint the wall your base color. This will be the color of the lighter stripes. Using masking tape and a plumb (or just a weight on a string) mask off the stripes on the wall an equal distance apart. Paint the masked off areas in the darker color to create the contrasting stripes.

Use Your Words

A very popular treatment, and one that is inexpensive as well as inspirational, is to use quotes or motivational words on your walls. Using stencils, stamps, or hand painted words that hold meaning to you can uplift your spirits and add life to any room. Choose words such as "Believe" or "Family" or use famous quotes that you love. Position the quotes in a place of importance such as over a doorway, over a bed or even as a focal point on a wall. Be sure to use a letter size that fits the wall. In other words, if you are trying to fill a ten-foot-long wall, don't use one-inch-tall letters! Use a yardstick and lightly pencil lines to keep your writing straight. This takes very little paint and is very cheap. The hardest part is choosing the quotes you love the most!

Frame a View

Use paint to create "frames" that will add importance to your artwork or other aspects of your room at very little cost. Mask off panels of wall to act as frames behind wall hangings, around windows with important views, or even to highlight an important piece of furniture. Paint the panels in one of the room's accent colors. Keep all "frames" in the same room the same color for continuity.

To prevent bleed over paint when you paint inside the masked panels, first paint the inside edges of the masking with the walls present base color. This will create a barrier that will give you clean, crisp lines when you paint the paneled frames.

There you have three easy ideas using inexpensive paint to transform a room on a budget. Budget decorating need not be complicated. Just use great ideas like these for inspiration!

Kathy Wilson is an author, columnist, and editor of The Budget Decorator. For thousands of free budget home decorating ideas, visit her at

She also writes for Wall Decor and Home Accents - the place to go for unique wall art and metal wall planters.

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