Fun, Frugal Father's Day Gift Ideas

by Belinda Cohen

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Frugal Father's Day Gift Ideas

Frugal Father's Day Gift

Figuring out what to buy dad for Father's Day is one of the hardest gift-giving experiences that we face. Here are seven money-saving ideas to celebrate dad and still salvage what's left in your wallet.

Create something he will never forget. Get together with family and friends and make a time capsule. He can bury or keep it. Include the things he values like kids' footprints and artwork, favorite photos and "All about Me" information sheets from each child or grandchild.

Upload a webpage dedicated to your father's favorites. Check with your Internet Service Provider. You may already have a free homepage available with the customer package agreement you signed earlier. Or you may be able to add to existing services for a small fee. You can make the webpage honoring your father as fancy or as simple as you wish. You can stop after a few choice pictures or add some of his favorite music and video clips. You can build on it each Father's Day for a cost of only a few minutes.

If dad's not into technology, you can use the same webpage idea to create a plaque. You may not be able to add music or video, but you can detail all the ways he's made a positive difference in your life. Offer to hang it in his office or den where he'll enjoy it all year long.

No Father's Day gift idea list would be complete without at least one golf suggestion. Look around the garage for that old golf towel he's been meaning to replace or buy one from a discount store. Wash it thoroughly and gather the kids or grandkids. Add a little fabric paint and a lot of creativity. And give Dad his own personalized Father's Day golf towel.

What do you do for the dad who isn't comfortable with poignant displays? Try a little humor. Find his favorite comedian or old sitcom on cable and tape as many episodes as possible. If you're handy with the video software on your computer, burn it to a DVD and add home video for laugh out loud "commercials." Wrap it up with a card including instructions to pop-in the DVD (or VHS) whenever he needs a good chuckle.

A well-planned gag gift can add a little sizzle to your Father's Day cookout. If dad is a tightwad like the rest of us, he may enjoy a homemade wallet made from duct tape. There's a fun website with all the instructions at

If you're handier with kitchen utensils than duct tape, here's a twist on the traditional Father's Day tie idea. And the best part is that it's edible. Make your cake batter according to the recipe. Pour a small amount into a cupcake container and the rest into a rectangle pan. When the cake is done, cut the rectangle in half and lay the pieces end to end. Put the cupcake at the top and cut out a small "V" so the three pieces make a Father's Day tie. Decorate any way you wish.

This year show dad how much you value him while honoring all the lessons he's taught you about the value of a dollar.

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  • Father's Day is just around the corner, so it's time to start thinking of how to make this day special for him.

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