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Inexpensive Bachelorette Party

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Bachelorette Party

I am seeking ideas to throw an inexpensive bachelorette party this spring for my best friend who is a bride-to-be. Thank you!

Sleepover Fun

If you have space, have a sleepover. Gather up supplies to do manicures, pedicures, hair, makeup, etc. or hire someone to come in and do manicures and/or pedicures for the guests. Have some kind of contest, such as hoola hoop, twister, or other party games. Or learn belly dancing from videos. Have everyone bring a dish and beverage. Each guest could bring a lottery scratch ticket. There is a lot that could be done with this kind of party, and it avoids the expensive limo, drinks out if you are bar hopping, etc.

Have a Day at the Spa

Go to a spa and have each guest pay for her own treatments (massage, pedicure, manicure, etc.). Each attendee should pitch in a few dollars to pay for the bride-to-be's treatments. We did this for my sister-in-law and we each only spent about $20 to $30. The spa may give a discount for so many treatments at one time. We also got permission from the spa owner to bring in light snacks to make it even more fun. We brought crackers, cheese, grapes and even champagne! It was so much fun!

Go Digital

The thing that still gets talked about from my bachelorette party last year is the digital scavenger hunt that my sister planned. We separated into groups of four (change this number depending on the size of your party), and each group was given a written list of things to find in the town. We were told to take a picture of the "find" with a digital camera.

Our list included things like something peach colored, the street sign with the bride's name, something that opens and closes but is not a door, etc. Make it unique and they'll be talking about it for years!

After the time to search is up, the groups meet at the designated spot and then you can download the pictures on a computer so everyone can enjoy the pictures and laugh together!
Katherine in MN

Girls' Night In

When my best friend got married last summer we had a bachelorette get-together at her cousin's home. Everyone pitched in and brought food and drinks, so no one was absorbing all of the cost or work. Granted, we're a bit older, so we weren't into the big night on the town with a limo (which we did for my sister-in-law, and it was incredibly expensive). We had a great time just having a girls' night, and the homemade food was better and cheaper than what you spend in a restaurant. Plus, if you're serving alcohol, it's always cheaper to supply your own. The markup on alcohol in restaurants is obscene.

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Include a Few Tricks

Ask the bridal party to get involved! Maybe they could supply the snacks or refreshments. If your party is in the evening, ask everyone to come in their pajamas. You could rent the bride's favorite movie. If your bride has a good sense of humor, you could tell her the movie you're going to watch reminds you of her and her betrothed. Then, show your party "Godzilla," "Frankenstein," or even "Run Away Bride"! All of the guests could do at-home facials on one another or paint each other's nails.

Another fun trick to pull is to tell all of your guests that you have a "pair of bloomers" for someone to model for the duration of the party. You put the "bloomers" in a brown paper bag and pass it around until the music stops. The music should stop while the bride is holding the bag. Tell her that you will help her put them on and she should come out and model these for all to see. Instead of bloomers, put a corsage in the bag, and everyone will be surprised.

A trick I've seen pulled on the bride is put her intimate apparel gift in a small trash can. I've seen these small trash cans in the dollar store. Save your trashy gift for last and everyone will be laughing!

Reviewed May 2017

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