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Affordable Hair Conditioner

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Looking for Affordable Hair Conditioner

I have long hair, and for some reason, it has gotten very dry and split. Cutting it off isn't an option. I need another solution that doesn't cost $12. I looked at Wal-Mart yesterday for a leave-in conditioner and the only one that looked like it would work was $12. I can't/won't pay that much. Does anyone have a frugal answer to this problem? Thanks for your help.

Natural Homemade Hair Conditioner

Buy the cheapest mayonnaise you can find. Put it on thick, put a shower cap on, and go to bed. Wash out in the morning and use cheap conditioner to detangle. Also running a humidifier in the house will help keep your hair from drying out. Mixing an egg with the mayo will also help with the shine.
Shannon in Rosebush, MI

Homemade Conditioner Recipe

I have recently been using a homemade hair conditioner and am surprised and pleased with the results. Mix 1/4- to 1/2-cup apple cider vinegar with a little bit of lemon juice and a quart of water and rinse your hair with it after shampooing. Wait a few minutes and then rinse with clear water. Your hair will be so easy to comb and soft. It's amazing. The smell of vinegar is gone by the time your hair is dry, and it's not really that bad anyway.

Homemade Hair Conditioner with Oil

You can buy jojoba oil or use olive oil from your pantry. Wash hair and leave in oil for fifteen minutes. You can bag it and put a hot towel over it for deeper conditioning. It will take several washings to completely rinse. Do this once a month and don't forget to trim 1/4 inch off those already split ends. Also, wash hair with shampoo every other day.

Simple Homemade Conditioner

I used an old hair spray bottle, emptied it out, filled it with water, and then topped it off with about 1/6 conditioner (just the regular stuff I use in my shower). After shampooing and conditioning as usual, I spray it straight onto my hair once it's dried a bit. The water helps it from being too thick and making my hair look greasy. It is making a noticeable difference in my hair and it's cheap.

Affordable Conditioner from Beauty Supply

I used to use Biolage® conditioning balm (when we could afford it), but now I go to Sally Beauty Supply and buy the "generic" brand. It works just as well as the brand name and you don't have to use very much. They also have different types of leave-in conditioners that work just as well as the name brands and cost only $6 to $7.

Olive Oil Hair Conditioner

I also had long hair for years and found that my hair was having the same problems as yours until I tried this. I used warm olive oil. The amount that you use depends on the thickness and the length of your hair (but remember a little goes a long way). You will want to cover your hair completely. After thoroughly applying the oil, cover your hair with a plastic wrap, leave it on for at least 30 minutes, and then wash your hair. Do this only once every few months. Olive oil can be expensive so look for a large bottle in the discount stores. We cook with olive oil so it's not wasted money for us. You will be surprised how soft your hair will be after this treatment.

A Little Hair Conditioner

I have very fine hair that gets extremely dry, especially during the cold winter months. What works for me is applying coconut oil on the ends of my hair after I take a shower. I only use a dime-sized amount and work it through only on the ends. Then I use the residue on my hands to moisturize my elbows and hands so it does double-duty! I also don't use a hair dryer or flat iron, which worsens the problem of split ends.

No Leave-In Conditioner

My hair is also quite dry, and I've discovered that there's no reason you can't use an ordinary, inexpensive rinse-out conditioner in place of a leave-in conditioner. I just lightly towel-dry my hair after my shower, apply a dollop of conditioner, and comb it through. I use Alberto VO5 Moisture Milks conditioner, which contains biotin (a nutrient supposed to be good for strengthening the hair), but you can go with any conditioner that works well for you.

Trim Your HAir

You can watch the sales at drugstores for leave-in conditioner. I've often combined coupons and sales and paid about 20% of the standard price.

However, once hair is as damaged as you say, cutting it off is really your only option. Leaving damaged hair in place allows it to continue damaging new hair. If you watch makeover shows, it's something they say over and over.

I know the trauma of doing it, but I was so much happier and looked about a million times better once I took the plunge. You can always grow it back out.

Buy Conditioner from the Pet Section

The very best leave-in conditioner I've found for long hair (cutting mine isn't an option either!) is in the pet section under Mane 'n Tail® conditioner. You'll pay $5 for a pretty good-sized bottle. The stuff for horse's hooves works great for nails too!

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