Repurposing Old Sheets

by Diane Boykas

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Have you gone through your closets recently and realized that you have a lot of sheets that you never use anymore? Perhaps they're stained or a little worn, or maybe they are a size that no longer fits any of the beds in your home. You decide you can't throw them away but yet you don't know what you can do with them. Here are a few ideas of how to recycle and repurpose those old sheets.

1. Sew Pillowcases

A pillowcase only takes about one yard of fabric so you could get a few from one sheet, depending on the condition of the sheet. A crib sheet that is no longer needed can be used to make a cute pillowcase for a toddler, and children's character sheets can be made into pillowcases when the sheet has some wear and tear but still has some good spots.

2. Knit a Rag Rug

These rugs are quick and easy to make and are very cushy. They're great for next to the bed or even as a bath mat for when you get out of the tub. Cut your sheet into 1 1/2 inch strips. Link them together by cutting a slit in either end and putting strip A through the slit in strip B. Then put the other end of strip B through the slit in strip A. Next cast 27 stitches on No. 17 knitting needles and K1, P1 to the end of each row until your rug is the desired length. You can cast on more or less stitches (as long as it's an odd number amount) depending on the size you want. For more detailed directions, do a search on rag or fabric knitting.

3. For the Kids

Let the kids tie dye or fabric paint the sheet. Paint a tic tac toe board or checkers grid on it or draw a table scene to use for picnics or randomly paint it to use as a colorful indoor fort.

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4. Around the House

A large sheet is plenty of fabric to make some curtains for a small window or to make a tablecloth for a display table. In the laundry, use a sheet to line your hamper or laundry basket so that when it is time to get the laundry out you just have to grab the ends of the sheet and it's all wrapped nicely together.

Diane Boykas is the founder of, a fun place for families to find creative ideas for making beautiful Homemade Gifts, Games and More. Visit her site to watch how-to videos and print out detailed directions for making your own projects. And check out her blog at for even more great home ideas.

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  • Have you recently gone through your closets and found some old sheets that are no long useful for their original purpose? If so, consider using one of the above ideas to recycle and repurpose those old sheets.
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