Finding a good value in a food processor

Choosing a Quality Food Processor

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Choosing a Quality Food Processor

Can anyone recommend a quality food processor? Mine died after only a couple of years of moderate use, and I need to replace it without spending a fortune. I'm not afraid to spend the money on a good one if I know it will last a long time. I'm also willing to buy used ones if I can find one. Someone on DS also mentioned a model with a "berry seeder" for making jam. That would be a wonderful option to have. Can anyone recommend brands/models that they have had good luck with and are available in Canada? Also are there any brands to avoid? Mine was a Black & Decker® basic model. I have had nothing but bad luck with Black & Decker and would not recommend them. Any advice would be appreciated.
Kay in Canada

Good Luck with Cuisinart® Food Processor

I have a Cuisinart® food processor that I have had for quite a few years. I have had good luck with it. Paid about $79 for it at the time. The only complaint that I have about it is that the slicing disc for cutting up vegetables cuts them a little too thin for what I would like.

Only Uses Braun®

I only use Braun® products. They last forever and I can't seem to kill them. The best availability and prices are on They are a little more expensive but well worth it. I have had all my Braun products for over 10 years.

My Food Processor Will Process Anything

I swear by KitchenAid®. They make a solid product that will last a very long time. They are made with metal gears, not plastic, so they don't wear out like cheap ones. Mine is heavy, quiet, and very powerful. I've had no problem processing anything I've put into it. As an added bonus, it does not "walk" across my counter. Yes, it's that heavy. They are not cheap, but often you can find accessories bundled into the package, which helps to save a bit. QVC also carries a good selection of KitchenAid® products and puts them on sale quite often. In my experience, KitchenAid(r) items last forever.
Robert & Denise

Another Cuisinart® Proponent

I have had and loved my Cuisinart® food pocessor. My husband paid about $100 in 1978, and it has never been off of my counter because I use it all the time. When I thought I wanted one, I went to store demonstrations to see what one could do with this new (to me) appliance.

We were about to host a family Thanksgiving gathering. I asked him that if he thought he was going to get me one for Christmas to buy it ahead of time so I could use it to make our Thanksgiving prep easier. Well, it did and I loved it then and still do. They really don't cost much more if you watch for a really good sale or a used one. (Sometimes you find one at an estate sale or downsizing sale.)

My bowl got a crack in it about three years ago. I don't even remember what I was using it for at the time. I called the Cuisinart® number to see about getting a replacement bowl. The cost was about $70. I decided not to order it because I could get a new one for relatively little more.

However, my do-it-yourself husband said if it was a clean crack he could fix it. Well, he did! It is still working just find. In fact, it now makes our favorite Thanksgiving dessert, which is a pumpkin cheesecake recipe that is fantastic.

It is also great for chopping large quantities of vegetables, making most any kind of dough, and turning any leftover bread and broken crackers into fine crumbs for breading meats and casseroles. I keep a head of cabbage all the time in case I get a call to bring something for a funeral lunch at church. Coleslaw plain or fruited is always welcome and inexpensive and I don't have to run to the store for an ingredient.

Another Thanksgiving favorite is my Cranberry Waldorf fruit salad. I process fresh/frozen berries in the food processor with sugar to fairly fine pieces (can't do that with a blender or other appliance). Then pineapple and juice is added. It marinates overnight and drained the next day. Apples and red grapes are added along with whipped cream or Cool Whip.

You won't be sorry. I'm sure there are other good brands, but I love my Cuisinart® food processor!
Ruth in MN

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