How to do a Internet job search without losing your mind

The Resume: Internet Job Search Part 1

by Stephen Baker

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Now that you have a resume, how does one make the most of it? I understand that facing a job search can be very unpleasant and I have found that a plan takes the edge off. The easiest way to start the job search is to answer the following questions honestly:

Life Questions: In order of importance

  1. Why are you looking for a job? (This may seem like an odd question but follow me on this one. The answer to this question will serve as your foundation for the tough times ahead. For those who do not have a job, the answer is simple. For those who hate their job, want to make more money, desire to move into another industry, or simply want a change, need to have this question under control.)
  2. Where do you need to find a job? Strictly in your town? Anywhere in your state? Are jobs in neighboring states acceptable?
  3. Are you willing to relocate? If so, will you ask for a relocation package? Or can you afford to move yourself? (Answer this question with your significant other "before" the interview. Otherwise, you will appear unprepared.)
  4. Are you willing to travel? If so, how much? 25% (one week a month)?, 50%?, 80% (home on weekends)?
  5. What sort of job are you looking for? Management? Staff Support? Lead?
  6. Are you willing to work odd hours? Second or third shift? Weekends? Holidays?
  7. What are your salary expectations? (I will write an article on this one later. For now, you must know what you need to live on. Add dollars so that your family can absorb any transition costs, changes in taxes in the event you move, and cost of living differences (another article as well).
  8. What are your strengths? List them. (Seriously, it is a great sanity check when you start to question yourself later.)

You have to commit to spending an hour, three times a week, at the very least. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays are usually good days. Apply for three jobs a day, minimum (This may take about an hour, depending on what the employer asks you do. A simple rule of thumb is that if you are asked to complete an online resume, go get a favorite beverage, play some of your favorite songs on YouTube and settle in for at least ten to thirty minutes.). Being offered an interview is a numbers game, the more you play, the greater your chances are of winning. Remember that if you work for a job, you will find a job.

Stephen Baker is a Program Director with 15 years of experience in the Fortune500. Over the years, he has been on both sides of the job hunt and offers straight advice on improving one's chances with getting that first interview. You can find more of Stephen's work at The Topeka Examiner.

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