Methods for preventing field mice from moving in to your home

Controlling Field Mice

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Trouble Controlling Field Mice

My problem with field mice is that they are in the upstairs bathroom under the sink. I have a Jacuzzi and I'm sure that's where they are coming from, but I don't know where they are getting in and why they go upstairs when all the food is downstairs? We have no basement and can't find holes around the foundation. I'm grateful that they are not downstairs (even in the garage), but we've had 20 of them this year and we can't figure out where they are coming from and what they are eating. I don't want to chase them downstairs. Any help would be appreciated.

Controlling Mice With Steel Wool

Mice can squeeze up through the holes where plumbing and electrical wires come up from downstairs. We had a similar problem so we filled all the nooks and crannies with steel wool. We also filled in any small openings in the outside walls with steel wool. So far, we have no more mice. I would also suggest putting everything in the cupboard into plastic containers to make absolutely sure there is nothing to attract them (reuse margarine tubs and ice cream buckets). Lastly, get a good trap and use peanut butter to attract them to the trap.

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Cat Controller

If you are willing to provide a good home and are committed to the responsibility, there are many cats at your local shelter who need a good home. There is nothing better for catching mice than a cat. Even their mere presence may keep the mice at bay. And as a bonus, pets have been proven to lower your stress levels!

Controlling Field Mice Entries

Are you sure you have no cracks? Field mice can get into a hole as small as a dime. Check around the attic and outside the attic for small holes and droppings. Then buy the snap traps to catch them. Put them at the sides of walls laced with a thin layer of peanut butter so they have to work to get it and easily spring the trap. We have had problems with field mice and this is the advice given to us by the pest control people.

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Easy Field Mice Control

Many people have told me that if you put out Bounce softener sheets, the mice won't come around because they don't like the smell. You will need to change them out every so often. I currently don't have a mouse problem, but know someone that does and this is what has worked for him.

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Creative Field Mice Control

This sounds strange but get some Chocolate Ex-Lax and put little chunks of it where you think they are coming in. If you want to get fancy, dip a small amount of it in some peanut butter and put it in the area. The Ex-Lax will give them the runs and they will not want to come back. I was skeptical of this but tried it, and it works. It won't totally get rid of them, but it's a good start.

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