Budget Tiebacks with Unique Style

by Alyssa Davis

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Tiebacks designed to hold back window treatments let natural light shine in while adding a finishing touch to drapery panels and sheers. They are as practical as they are stylish, but decorative tiebacks that are not included with budget window treatments can be quite pricey. On the other hand, tiebacks that come with budget window treatments are more functional than decorative, and they add nothing to the style of the room.

If you want a designer look without the designer price, toss aside the tiebacks included with budget window treatments, and make decorative tiebacks that will surely impress. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can design tiebacks that will look just as good as or better than designer varieties sold in fine department stores, and they will be far more unique. The following ideas for making decorative tiebacks will help you transform plain budget window treatments into beautiful window dressings with extraordinary style, and for much less than you ever thought possible.

Seaside Tiebacks

A room with an ocean theme can be further decorated with seaside accents, and accents such as seashells can be incorporated into the theme when embellishing budget window treatments. Instead of investing in expensive metal holdbacks for a room with an ocean theme, visit your local craft store and purchase fishing net and natural twine. Use shells you have collected or buy them by the bag for creating unique tiebacks. A small bag of shells is relatively inexpensive, and any extras can be displayed elsewhere in a room with a seaside theme.

Begin by cutting two sections of netting according to the width of the panels. To decide on the proper length, keep in mind that it should hang four to six inches from the knot after loosely wrapping each panel. The tiebacks should fit securely to hold the window treatments in place, but they should not bunch the fabric.

After securing the window treatments with netting, hot glue three-inch sections of natural twine to the first shell, and continue this process until you have four or five shells with strings to attach to each tieback. Thread the twine through the holes in the netting and tie the knots securely.

These budget tiebacks will look far from budget priced. They will look unique and just as stylish as store-bought varieties. They will also become a conversation piece that will generate many second glances and countless compliments.

Pearls and Lace

Faux pearls and lace make lovely tiebacks in an elegant bedroom or living room. Faux pearls are available in many different colors, and they provide a great deal of beauty when decorating with budget drapery panels or sheers.

When selecting the strings of pearls, allow approximately fourteen-inches to wrap around each panel. In addition, select attractive lace that is approximately six-inches longer. Loosely tie the lace and the faux pearls around each panel, and secure a loose double knot on one side. Arrange the folds of the window treatments for a striking display that will greatly add to the elegance of the room.

Floral Tiebacks

A floral theme is one of the most popular choices when decorating a bedroom, and window treatments are an important consideration. When decorating on a budget, opt for tiebacks designed using silk flower blooms instead of expensive metal varieties. Use clear thread to string together the blooms of color-coordinating fabric flowers, and be sure to make the strings long enough to extend a few inches beyond both sides after gathering each panel. Use a small section of wire or sturdy cotton thread to hold the stringed flowers in place. They will add three-dimensional design and immeasurable beauty to ordinary budget window treatments.

Unique and Easy Glass Bead Tiebacks

If you have never browsed the bead aisle of your local craft store, you are in for a big surprise. Glass beads are available in many different styles, designs, and colors and they are good for more than just jewelry. Glass beads are ideal for making beautiful tiebacks to enhance budget window treatments, and the options are virtually endless.

Select glass beads in a color and design of your choice, and string them onto natural fiber twine. Carefully measure the amount of twine necessary before beginning, and be sure to add a few inches extra. The strings of beads that will hold back the window treatments must be long enough to gracefully hold them in place without bunching the fabric.

After stringing the beads onto the tiebacks, thread additional beads of your choice onto shorter strings of alternating lengths, and tie the ends securely. Tie each shorter string between every fourth or fifth bead to create a unique fringed affect.

These are just a few of the ways to enhance the look of ordinary window treatments while sticking to a decorating budget. Tiebacks do not have to come from the store or have a designer label to look stylish and impressive. Use your sense of creativity and imagination to create one-of-a-kind tiebacks and window treatments that will enhance the beauty of your home and dress up your view to the outdoors for many years to come.

Senior on-staff decorating specialist Alyssa Davis offers many free ideas for decorating with iron wall decorations and tree metal wall art at Metal-Wall-Art.com.

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