Elegant Window Treatments on a Budget

by Alyssa Davis

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Windows are only as beautiful as the scenery they frame or the window treatments they display. A beautiful window with an amazing view can be spoiled by unattractive blinds, window shades, or heavy drapes, but a window without a beautiful view can be dressed up to look exceptionally rich and impressive without spending a small fortune in the process. Instead of going bare, and instead of covering windows with the first set of heavy drapes or curtains that match the color of the room and the size of the window frames, delve into your creative side and try something new. Step outside of the box and look for ways to jazz up ordinary window treatments while sticking to a budget. The following creative ideas for creating elegant window treatments on a budget will help you get started.

Begin with Budget Tab-Top Panels

When sticking to a decorating budget, instead of unnecessarily spending money on expensive drapery packages, begin with budget tab-top panels. Select budget tab-top cotton panels that match or coordinate well with a primary color in the room along with cafe-style rods. Cafe rods are available in finial styles that include everything from ordinary to elaborate ends. When designing elegant window treatments on a budget, select moderately priced ornate finials and the necessary hardware. Mount the hardware and hang the panels. Initially they will look plain, but after adding the following budget window treatments and accessories, they will look far more expensive and highly impressive.

Scarf Valance Holders

Sheer scarf valances are extraordinarily elegant, and they are ideal for creating elegant window treatments on a budget. If paired with ordinary tab-top drapery they look stunningly beautiful, and when draped through elegant scarf valance holders they are even more extraordinary. Select elegant plaster, wrought iron, or cast resin scarf valance holders with intricate designs. Depending on the size of the window, choose two or three scarf valance holders, and securely mount them approximately two inches above the ends of the cafe rods. Many plaster or scarf valance holders are flat on top, and this flat area can be used to display trinkets or small planters filled with trailing vines for window treatments that are even more unique and elegant.

Hanging Scarf Valances

For each window, select two budget scarf valances, and thread the first one through the holes of the scarf valance holders. If two are used for a single window, gently pull the center of the fabric down to create a graceful curve. If three valance holders are used for a single window, gently pull the fabric down between each set to create two graceful scallops. Drape the second scarf valance over the ends of the cafe rod exposing the finials. The two scarf valances will create a full and elegant display, and these budget window treatments will add style and unique beauty to the room.

Attach Decorative Holdbacks

Complete the appearance of elegant window treatments with inexpensive decorative holdbacks. Budget holdbacks are available in countless styles and themes from painted butterflies to stylish wrought iron curves. If possible, mount the holdbacks on window frames approximately one-third of the way up from the base of the sill. Open the drapes during daylight hours to let natural light shine in, or raise shades or blinds and keep the drapery closed. Colorful tab-top drapes will filter light while adding ambient color to the walls of the room.

This budget way to create elegant window treatments for any room in the home can completely change the look of a space and make it appear stylish and more expensive than it truly is. Choose colors that coordinate well with other fabrics, walls, furnishing, and flooring, and experiment with various ways to arrange budget scarf valances. Budget window treatments do not have to look budget priced, and they can make an outstanding difference in the look and feel of a room. With budget window treatments that include ordinary cotton drapery, scarf valances, and elegant hardware, the options are truly limitless, and the beauty of fully dressed windows is priceless.

Looking for more contemporary decorating ideas? Alyssa Davis is the on-staff writer for www.Metal-Wall-Art.com and offers many more affordable ways to decorate the home with metal wall art and contemporary metal wall art.

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