What you should know before buying a memory foam mattress topper

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

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Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Are the "knock off" memory foam mattresses adequate? And how do the memory foam toppers perform? How does one get the most for their money?
Liz R.

Wonderful Memory Foam Mattress Topper

My husband and I purchased a memory foam topper at a big box retailer around three years ago for about $69. It works wonderfully. We recently had a house sitter stay here. He slept in our bed and loved it so much that he bought one for his bed.

Memory Foam Solution

The memory foam toppers work very well. My husband and I spent almost two years living in our travel trailer with its hard-as-a-rock mattress. I ended up on the sofa almost every night in order to sleep. We purchased a middle-of-the-road memory foam topper from a well-known national chain and it changed my life completely. No more nights on the sofa!

Name Brand Memory Foam Mattress

I have the topper and a knock off mattress also. They are just ok. I should have spent the additional $500 and got the name brand one. The knock offs are better than a regular mattress, but I would advise to save and buy the best one out there, since a third of your life is spent sleeping.

Loves the Foam Mattress Topper

I have a memory foam topper from Wal-Martand love it! It has an added bonus of blocking drafts that rise through regular spring-style mattresses and helping to keep me warm in the cooler months. It has also stopped much of the movement felt from a companion shifting in the bed. There are a couple of thicknesses, with the thinnest as the softest. I opted for the 4" thick, which has worked great for me. I found I could likely sleep on just this pad on the floor and be comfortable! The best price I could find was at Wal-Mart and ordered it online, since my local store didn't carry the one I wanted.

I love my memory foam topper and feel it's worth the price that I paid. I used to freeze at night and wake stiff on my hard mattress until I got this foam pad. Now I really get a better night's sleep and wake much more refreshed. I also haven't had the problem I used to have where I'd wake during the night with an arm or a leg asleep due to pressure points.

However, the egg-crate foam topper I tried previously was a piece of junk that didn't offer either the warmth or the support of my memory foam topper, so I don't recommend those.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

We purchased a memory foam topper (2-inch) for our bed and were pleased with it even after two years of use. We then purchased a "knock off" version of the same depth for our cottage, and it has not had as much use. We found after about a year that it became uneven. When areas became compressed, they were slow to reshape and eventually stayed compressed. The warranty was not as extensive as the "real" foam topper, so we ended up discarding the topper and purchased "the real thing." There are many versions and you might be able to check online to find out if the brand you are looking at has negative feedback.

Try Mattress Topper First

I purchased a "memory foam" mattress topper that is about 1 1/2" thick from a Target store. I think it was about $40-$50 if I remember correctly. I really like it. I put one on my daughter's bed and she likes it too. The only issue is that it can feel kind of hot if you don't have air conditioning in the summer, but other than that, it makes the mattress much more comfortable. I recommend doing this before spending a bunch on a memory foam mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

I had a memory foam topper on my regular mattress for a while, and while it seemed to help at first, it didn't seem to he helpful for long. I bought a full size memory foam mattress from a mass marketer (Costco, I think) for about $500, and I love it! I did, however, need to buy new sheets, as the depth of the mattress made the full size sheets too small. Gone are the morning back and neck aches!

Memory Foam Mattress and Warmth

My husband and I bought our first house slightly over two years ago. The house we moved from had mold issues. We did not want to bring anything with us that might harbor mold spores. We pretty much ditched anything that could not be washed down with something that would kill the spores. When we were finally able to afford a new bed, we went with the look-alike brand that Costco carries. It was a quarter of the cost of the name brand bed (my daughter had bought the name brand a couple of years before we bought ours). The bottom line is that we love our bed, and as long as we have a choice, we will not go back! If someone rolls over or gets out of bed, it does not disturb the other person because there are no springs. As the mattress warms under your body, it conforms to your body and yet still supports it. We stay warm in the winter. If we replace our covers when we get out of bed, we can come back after 30 minutes to an hour and the bed is still be warm. During the summer, we stay cool without overheating (not sure how that part works but it does).

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