Bad Tasting Water Bottles

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Tainted Water Bottles

I bought four Rubbermaid® water bottles. They are plastic and hold 20 ounces. I've washed them twice in the dishwasher. They make my filtered water smell and taste bad. What can I do? I like how filtered water tastes in my regular glasses.

Clean with Vinegar and Water

The first time I took a swig out of a Rubbermaid® water bottle that had been run through the dishwasher (and filled with filtered water,) I thought my dishwasher was broken. Nothing like drinking soap during a spin class! Rubbermaid® bottles pick up flavor and retain odor, but I love the no-spill caps.

The best thing to do is finish cleaning with a little vinegar/water rinse and let air dry. A soak with some baking soda will take care of most odors, and if there's a sticky residue from some electrolyte drink, a soak with some salt usually takes care of it. Also take care to clean and dry the lid thoroughly after each use to avoid residue build up.

Replace Plastic with Stainless Steel

Plastic leaches toxins into your water, hence the nasty smell and taste of the water when using plastic water bottles. You should replace them with stainless steel water bottles (no toxins or chemicals leached into the water and no bad taste) that you can buy online, from a health food store, or most major retailers.

Baking Soda May Help

Soak them with baking soda dissolved in water for a while.

Swish and Rinse

Rinse each water bottle with apple cider vinegar. I just put in a couple of tablespoons and swish it around inside the bottle and then rinse. It should take care of the problem.
Darcy in MI

Two Step Approach

Pour in hot vinegar and let it sit until it cools. Rinse out and wash with soap and water. If that doesn't do the trick, fill with water and add chlorine bleach and let sit overnight. Then rinse out with soap and water. If neither of these works, forget it and get a glass bottle to store water in.
Pam Z.

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