Are store brands or name brands better for baby?

The Baby Battle

by Laura Del Prete

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When I first brought my baby, Liam, home, and stopped to get diapers, I was so surprised to see the cost of them. Huggies®, Pampers® and other brands ran from $15.99 to $18.99 and most only offered $1.00 off coupons.

I grabbed one pack of Pampers® Swaddlers™ when a young man approached my husband and me. He was a veteran like my husband and they began chatting. After a few minutes, he spied the diapers and told us that he used Target brand diapers with his son. He stated that they were much more affordable and he didn't see any difference.

I noticed that they were no where to be found. The young veteran told us that Target doesn't keep it with most of the baby supplies, but several isles down. He was right. They were sort of out of sight.

We wound up purchasing a pack of Pampers® Swaddlers™ and a pack of Target diapers. Pampers® had cute designs and characters on it, like Elmo, and Bert and Ernie. The Swaddlers™ fit snug around Liam's legs and were very absorbent. They had a light fragrance to them, which was nice, but I had concerns regarding fragrance on such sensitive baby areas.

The Target brand diapers had cute designs as well, like ladybugs. They fit equally well, and they were unscented. They had a different feel to them, like they were more natural, in a way. They worked just as well as the Swaddlers(tm) did. They were a wee bit bigger than the Pampers, but they fit well and were very absorbent.

The price difference between the diapers is a fair amount of money. I found Swaddlers™ online, on sale, at a cost of $9.99 for a pack. The Target brand diapers cost me $5.69 for the same amount of diapers. Now that Liam is up to Level Two Diapers, I'm only paying $6.59 for a pack.

Granted, the Swaddlers™ are cute, but my baby finds his fingers fascinating. He doesn't care about the images on the diaper. I love the Target brand, as they are just as good as the name brand for half the cost.

The Target Baby Wipes come in singles or three packs. The three packs carry between 150-260 wipes broken into separate resealable packages. They have unscented, regular, and sensitive wipes. They cost $3.49 on sale compared to other wipes that cost $3.50 to almost $8.00 regular price for fewer wipes.

They are moist, without being overly wet, and are nicely quilted without being too padded. They are a good size, and big enough that at times I can pull them in half and get double the use out of them.

I've been using Target Unscented Baby Wipes on my son since he came home. Initially, we were using another name brand, but he had a reaction to them, and we had to discontinue use. He has had zero reaction to the Target Unscented Baby Wipes, and they are more than affordable.

Finally, let's discuss the Playtex® Drop Ins™. They are the little plastic sleeves that you drop into the bottles, which will collapse as the baby suckles to prevent intake of excess air. I purchased the Playtex® Drop Ins™ for $4.50 on sale for a box of fifty. The Target brand was $3.49 for a box of fifty, also on sale.

We tried both types, which fit the Playtex® bottles equally well. They both offer the lip around the sleeve, which sits nicely on the top of the bottle. Though the Playtex® sleeves are made specifically for the Playtex® bottles, I preferred the Target brand.

The Target bottle sleeves were a little thinner than the Playtex®, which made the collapse easier while Liam drank. This allowed less air to get in. The Playtex® sleeves were thicker and harder to collapse, which could allow him to take in more air than I would want.

Oddly enough, Target does not carry their own brand of these items on their website. They only carry the name brands. If you want to purchase these items in their brand, you will have to go directly to the store.

After comparing all three products, I found the Target brands to be equally as good, or even better than the brand name items. Giving it a try may just save you a bundle of money in the long run.

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