How to buy an adjustable bed

Adjustable Beds

How to Buy an Adjustable Bed

Have any of you purchased an adjustable bed? If so, do you have any advice for me? I am thinking about getting one. I live alone so it would be a single bed.

Before Buying an Adjustable Bed, Comparison Shop

Your best option is to do a lot of research and comparison-shopping. My mother-in-law recently purchased an adjustable bed from a mail-order company. The original price was $3,000, but after I called around to several mattress stores in our area and found the median price to only be $2,000, she ended up only paying $1,800, with free delivery and setup, which normally costs an additional $200. I would recommend getting a remote control, because once you are in the bed, you don't want to have to strain to reach the controls. If it is feasible, unplug the bed when not in use to save on electricity.
S. Privratsky in Fargo, ND

Problems with Adjustable Bed

We purchased an adjustable bed a few months ago and have had problems!

  1. The motor quit working properly within the first 24 hrs! So, we replaced it with the store's floor model until a new one could come in. This took over one month!
  2. The remote sucks down batteries! It went through three batteries in one week.
  3. Sometimes the bed will turn off/on by itself. The store claims it's because the remote/bed may be on the same frequency of someone else's remote, like a garage door opener. No one around me has one of those and the times that it goes off are at all hours of the day. I think it's a faulty unit.
  4. You have to keep pets out from under the bed.

Sherry in Waterloo, IA

Comparison Shop Before You Buy an Adjustable Bed

I've had two adjustable beds. The first one was a Craftmatic(r) that I had for ten years. I paid a lot for it. I wised up when I got the second one. I bought it on the Internet for less than half the price. The frames and working mechanism are all made by one company, which is the same one that makes hospital bed frames. I found the second one to be of better quality. Pay to get the foam mattress. It's worth it.

Enjoying Their Adjustable Bed

My husband and I have been using hospital beds for several years now as our adjustable beds. He had back surgery and his insurance company provided a rental hospital bed during his recovery period. He found it so comfortable he contacted the rental company directly and bought it outright for $400. Since I have several illnesses that prevent comfortable sleep, I was sleeping in a recliner and we were looking to replace the worn out one I was using. My husband went online with the company that made his hospital bed and bought one directly from them at a price lower than a good mattress set. Plus, they delivered it and set it up! I bought a king size memory foam mattress, folded it in half and use it on my "adjustable bed" while my husband sleeps on the mattress with no memory foam. We sleep well, have a personal "recliner" for watching TV, and have saved a bundle! My Dad spent $2500 for a queen size adjustable bed with memory foam (10" and much firmer than mine) only to find that when you lay in one position for any length of time it's like climbing out of a hole to change positions! I know because I recently visited with them and got to sleep on the "good bed"! Look online for good deals.

Adjustable Beds Require Special Sheets

We have two adjustable beds and like them. Be aware that they require more space since they are approximately a foot longer than regular beds. This means you need the extra long sheets. I do recommend the best quality of mattress you can get for the bed.

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