Completely Change Your Windows' Appearance

by Jessica Ackerman

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The way in which windows are dressed can make or break the appearance of a room, but drapery and window treatments are not always cheap. Browse any department store catalog and you will discover window treatments in all price ranges, but they do not have to cost a small fortune to look in vogue. Here you will discover a number of budget ways to completely change the appearance of windows throughout the home for a whole new look. You can transform ordinary windows covered with blinds or shades into a stylish display that beautifully frames your view of the outdoors. Give these budget ideas a try, and save money while stylishly dressing up your windows for less. They will have a completely new appearance for far less money than you ever thought possible.

Apply a Faux Stained Glass for Privacy

Do you have an odd-shaped window or a sidelight you would rather not cover with a curtain? When sticking to a budget, consider using faux stained glass film to completely change their appearance. A roll of stained glass film generally costs about the same as curtains or blinds, and it will give the space an interesting and stylish appearance that from a distance will look like intricately designed stained glass. Choose a sheer curtain and the window will not be private. Choose something heavier and light will not penetrate the window. With faux stained glass film, light will still be able to penetrate the glass, but the area will be completely concealed from the prying eyes of anyone outside the home. Best of all, the window will have a completely new and rich appearance.

How to Dress up Ordinary Vinyl Blinds in a Child's Bedroom

Consider using leftover vinyl wallpaper, new vinyl wallpaper or border that matches the color and theme of the bedroom to dress up ordinary vinyl blinds. Cut out graphics of your choice from leftover wallpaper or border, and decide how you want to arrange them on the blinds. Take the blinds down, clean and dry the slats if necessary, and close them in a downward position before laying them on a flat surface. Using strong craft glue, attach the cutouts to the mini-blind slats. Allow the glue to dry completely. Once the glue has hardened, use a sharp utility knife to cut across the slats. When the blinds are closed, either fully or partway, the graphics will be visible. They will add a decorative touch to a child's bedroom, and this budget way to dress up otherwise ordinary window treatments will completely change their appearance.

Combine Two Adjacent Windows into One

Two small adjacent windows in a room are not nearly as impressive as a large window, and two or more small windows just inches apart can be united with a single window treatment. Instead of selecting two or more separate window treatments, select just one. This is a great way to stay on budget while decorating since one larger window treatment set will likely cost less than several pieces sold separately. Best of all, a set of windows united as one will look far more expansive and impressive, and they will have a completely new look.

Dress Up an Unattractive View with Shelves

Windows provide ventilation as well as a view of the outdoors, but not everyone has an attractive view outside their home. If the view from a window is less than ideal, create a room with a view and completely change the appearance of the window. Evenly space shelving over the front of a window to give it a completely new look, and fill the shelves with something interesting and appealing. Consider placing an array of plants on the shelves, or fill the shelves with cut crystal or pretty glassware. Even budget priced crystal will catch natural light and cover the walls and floors with tiny beautifully colored rainbows.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of the windows in your home, you can significantly change them and give the room a completely new look without spending a small fortune. With budget window treatments and a few creative ideas, any window in any home can look completely new and stylish in appearance. Embellish windows in a way that beautifully frames your view of the outdoors, and even when sticking to a budget, you can make that view look like a million bucks.

Article by Jessica Ackerman of Wall Decor and Home Accents, an upscale store that specializes in discount canvas oil paintings, decorative wall art and wall candle holders and sconces.

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