De-Cluttering Solutions

by Kim Cosentino

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Costly Clutter

When Empty Nesters Reorganize and Declutter Their Home

Why do you think organizing stores have become so popular? When you "contain" items, instead of having them all over your flat surfaces (what some refer to as flat surface disease), you make your disorganized space look uncluttered (i.e. organized clutter). Inevitably any empty basket, bowl or dish will collect all kinds of stuff. That is why every container in your home should have a specific purpose or theme.Here are a few handy ideas for organization containers to help you get organized:

Shoe Boxes are no cost organization containers that will hold socks to separate colors, all the camera equipment and film, all your hair accessories, etc. The uses are limitless. My favorite is to contain all the paperwork that walks in the door. Stand the papers up vertically (file, don't file) and face them all in the same direction, so you can read the front of each. Now you can easily flip through and find what you want. Every time a piece of paper comes in, you have a specific place for it. When the shoebox fills up, you need to set aside time to weed, file, act on and eliminate. Do it the same day each week and it will become a refreshing habit.

Resealable Bags are the greatest invention to keep like things together and they are clear so you can see what's inside. These are great to contain all the pieces for a craft project. Use them for jewelry sets, nail polish, puzzle pieces, batteries, etc. I use them to separate out my medicines into five main categories and label each bag accordingly: first aid, cold/sinus, pain relievers, cough, and stomach upset. It's easy to grab the bag needed and see what options you have. It also keeps you aware of when you are running out and the expiration dates.

Checkbook Box Covers are great organization containers for small objects in drawers like your jewelry, hardware, pens/pencils, and the stuff in your junk drawers. Yes, you are allowed to have one junk drawer. I think of it as my fix-it drawer. Again, remember to contain similar items in the same container.

Always break down these projects into small appointments with yourself. Then write them on your calendar just like you would a doctor's appointment or lunch date. You'll be amazed at how much you will accomplish in twenty planned minutes of time. Happy organizing!

Kim Cosentino is a Professional Organizer and the owner of "I came, I saw, I organized!"

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