My Story: Updating Kitchen Cupboards

contributed by Sarah

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We decided to try repainting and installing new hardware on our existing cupboards. I found painting the melamine very straightforward, and because we gave them a good sanding, we didn't need a primer (as per the instructions of staff from home depot).

We prepared the cupboards by taking them down and sanding them with a handheld electric sander that we rented from Home Depot ($10 for 24 hours). After washing and drying, I gave them two coats of a CIL semi-gloss oil paint (in luminary yellow) using a high density foam roller. I gave the first coat with them lying flat, then put on the second coat once they were back up in the kitchen. I then installed door pulls, purchased at Home Depot. I also repainted the range hood and the fridge in white CIL semi-gloss oil.

All together I estimate that it took us about three to four days of work, about $30 in paint, and $50 in new hardware. We also spent $80 on under-cabinet xenon light pucks, and $60 for new track lighting. I'm pretty happy with what we accomplished for $230!

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