A little education could save you money or even make you money!

Educate Yourself

by Denny Phillips

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It has long been thought that the best paying jobs in today's working world are backed by a university or college education. If you want to make the most money in a career, the best way to achieve this is to go to a higher learning institution.

In the real world, however, not everyone has the opportunity or the inclination to attend these higher learning facilities. Did you know, though, that even if you have not attended a full time college or university program, you can still save (or earn more) money by taking other continuing education courses? In fact, taking part-time or occasional interest courses at a local community college or other facility can help you save a lot. And the best part is that most of these courses are very affordable, and some are even offered free.

There is a vast range of course topics available, one of which is sure to appeal to you. You can take courses for interest, ones to aid in earning an extra income, or ones that will help you advance your present career.

There are many interesting courses offered that would allow you to save money at home. For instance, taking a course on "Hair Cutting" will give you the skills you need to cut your family's hair so you won't have to pay the high beauty shop costs. Or, a course in "Home Decorating" would enable you to decorate your own home without having to hire an interior designer and perhaps give you tips on the best places to get discounted prices on items for your own home. If you like working with wood, a course in "Woodworking" could help you create items for your home.

If your talents and interests run more to a technical hands-on approach, maybe a course in "Home Repair" or "Electricity" could help you save on trade repairs or home improvements. A course in "Dressmaking" or "Sewing" could help with your family's clothing budget. You could create the designer fashions for your family without the high designer costs.

Other courses that you can take may help you create supplemental income to help you save on those monthly bills. For instance, a "Photography" course may give you the skills you need to sell your photographs online. Various website owners need good pictures to include on their websites. You could sell photographic art, or you could even turn your photography hobby into a career taking portraits or wedding pictures.

You could use any course you are interested in to help you make extra money. Consider selling different items at craft shops or shows, such as stained glass pieces, quilted, crocheted or knitted items, or other crafts you create yourself.

Taking a course in "Tax Preparation" may not only help you understand your own tax return better so that you can save on your taxes, but you could also turn your knowledge into a part-time income opportunity. During tax season, a lot of extra income could be generated doing other people's taxes.

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Taking other courses more related to the career advancement side could help you get a good job, or even help you advance in your current job. For example, you might want to advance your computer skills to help make you more qualified for that promotion. Or you could learn a new skill by taking extra computer courses that may make you more marketable in the job field. You could also turn your new computer knowledge into a home-based business creating resumes from home, designing websites, or possibly even being a computer repair person or consultant.

There are many ways that taking continuing education courses can help you save in your daily life. The trick is to find something that interests you and begin educating yourself to help you save.

Reviewed May 2017

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