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Cleaning Leather Furniture

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Cleaning Leather Furniture

Any suggestions on cleaning leather furniture? My husband's chair has "oil/grease" marks from where his head rests. Any ideas would be great.
Thank you in advance,

Try Saddle Soap when Cleaning Leather Furniture

I've never tried this on a chair, but I would think that the "saddle soap" that I use for cleaning my leather saddle should work. You can buy it at any store that sells horse riding equipment. You just put a little on a damp sponge and rub the leather with it, using a clean, dry cloth to wipe off any excess. I'd suggest testing it first on a hidden area.

Visit Auto Parts Store

The leather cleaner from your auto parts store works great on indoor leather also! You'll pay $3 to $4 max.

She Uses Vinegar

I have leather furniture, and when that happens, I just spray it down with good old vinegar and rub it until it's clean. Then I might put some leather conditioner on it to restore it a little. I wouldn't recommend this on suede leather, though.

A Little Known Use

Try Murphy® Oil Soap. It says right on the bottle that you can use it on leather. Also, one of my house-cleaning customers told me to clean her leather furniture with just plain dish soap and water and then rinse. I would think that the big thing would be to use something gentle that doesn't leave any residue. Make sure not to leave it wet.

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