Is cleaning nicotine stains that have built up over years even possible?

Cleaning Nicotine Stains

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Cleaning Nicotine Stains

Does anyone know what will remove old nicotine stains that have built up over the years? My DS and DDIL are buying a foreclosure, and it needs a lot of work.

TSP Cleans Stains

I have used TSP product found at ACE hardware stores to clean nicotine stains. This product cleans very nicely. Just follow the directions on the package. It removed 40 years of nicotine buildup and stains in a home that we purchased.

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3-Step Approach to Cleaning Nicotine Stains

After owning a hardware store for many years, I recommend to:

  1. Clean with TSP.
  2. Paint with B-I-N Shellac Base Primer
  3. Paint whatever color you choose.

Be sure to follow all manufacturers' directions on their containers.
Debbie in MA

Ammonia and Water Removes Nicotine Stains

To clean nicotine stains, wash the walls with a solution of ammonia and water. Use about 1/2 cup of ammonia to a gallon of warm water. If you plan to paint the walls, prime them first with something like KILZ.

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Nicotine Stains Are Just Grime

I use a product named Mean Green. You can get it from Dollar General stores in a gallon size or a spray bottle. Just spray it on the walls and the nicotine just rolls off. This product doesn't smell so great, but it does cut the grime.

Another Ammonia Proponent

I have had excellent luck cleaning smoking stains with ammonia! I have cleaned bars in the past and nothing worked as well as the ammonia. You can adjust the strength accordingly. Of course, you should always wear a mask and make sure the area is well ventilated, as the smell can really get to you.

Block the Stains from Returning

I would try Krud Kutter It can be found in the paint department of Wal-Mart. It has done well for me in removing even old messes that have sat for years.

After you clean the walls, ceiling, doors, moldings, window glass and floor, you will need to seal all the porous areas like ceiling plaster or tiles or the odors and stains may seep back in and ruin your new paint and cleaning job. Use KILZ® to seal the surfaces before you re-paint; the latex version works just fine.

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