How to remove carpet stains

Removing Carpet Stains

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Removing Carpet Stains

My puppy knocked a glass of red juice on the carpet. It is a tan carpet and it's stained now. There are other stains, too. What can I use for removing carpet stains?

Use Shaving Cream for Removing Carpet Stains

White foam shaving cream is very inexpensive and gets almost all stains out. Dampen the stain with a little water and then spray the shaving cream on it and work it in with a damp cloth. Scrub the stain well with the shaving cream and then keep rinsing the scrubbing cloth in a bowl of water (to start getting some of the shaving cream out) and you will work most stains out.

Removing Stains with Kids and Pets

I use KIDS 'N' PETS® for all my carpet stains. I have two large dogs, five cats, and three kids. This works on any stain and on any fabric. I have used this to remove stains on my sofa, ottoman, clothing, and carpet.

Works on All Kinds of Carpet Stains

One of the best carpet stain remedies I've ever seen is using a solution of regular carpet shampoo and oxygenated bleach alternative. Use the hottest water you can stand, wet the carpet with a rag, and mop up. Repeat until the stain comes clean. It may take several passes, but it'll come up. Be sure to concentrate on the edges of the stain inward. Next time, do it fast and furious. You can do this with all kinds of stains as well. I've even used it on pillows for spot cleaning. It also works for puppy stains, blood stains, and fecal matter. I've even used it for vomit.

Ironing Removes Carpet Stains

My son spilled a pitcher of red Kool-Aid® on our carpet. A Stanley Steemer guy told me to spray any kind of carpet cleaner on the spot, blot it with a white clean towel, lay a white clean towel over the stain, turn an iron on low, and iron over the towel. Keep the iron moving so it doesn't burn the carpet. The heat draws out the dye in the juice. It should take it out completely even if it is an old stain.

Replacing Section Removes Stain

Buy Spot Shot. It is great! Home Depot and Lowe's have the larger cans. A small can is sold at our local dollar store. If the carpet doesn't come clean, then consider cutting out the bad spot and putting it in a corner or under the sofa. Use the good carpet to repair the hole. If that doesn't work, consider having a carpet company come and "turn" and "cut" your carpet until it works for the room. If all that still doesn't work, then it's time to consider taking up the carpet and cleaning the floor underneath. My neighbor had her floor painted after the carpet came up and it worked great for all her kids and pets!

Removing a Red Wine Carpet Stain

Try Zep® Oxy Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner. A couple of years ago, I knocked over an entire glass of red wine on beige carpet. My son-in-law is in the restaurant business. He recommended this cleaner. Just follow the directions on the container. Our carpet came clean.

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