Finding the best deal when buying a washer and dryer

Buying a Washer and Dryer

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What to Look when Buying a Washer and Dryer

I know to look for scratch and dent pieces, overstocks, energy ratings, and so on when buying a washer and dryer. What else should I look for? What would you look for in a washer and dryer set?

Don't Fall for the Latest Fad

Don't fall into the "color trap" or "latest fad" when buying a washer and dryer. They cost much more than the plain white appliances. The white color is a classic and timeless look that goes with everything. Why pay more for the others?

Also, if you choose to purchase a front load washer and dryer, there is no need to spend money on the drawer risers to put the appliances on. Simply build a strong plywood box with the front left open. Paint it white to match your appliances and then use baskets or plastic bins to store items under the appliances.

Check for Rebates when Buying a Washer and Dryer

The first thing I would check is what rebates are available. In my town right now, there's a rebate from the water company, the gas and electric company, Sears, and the state. Sometimes it's actually cheaper to buy new if you include all of the credits, and maybe the Sears Outlet store offers the same rebates but for less if you can live with a scratch or two.
Nancy in Santee

Stick to the Basics

When buying a washer and dryer, I asked my father's friend who happens to be an appliance repairman what he recommended. He suggested that we skip the big front load washers and dryers and get just a plain washer and dryer. He said that they break down less, and when they do, they are cheaper to repair.

Capacity Is Important when Buying a Washer and Dryer

The capacity of the washer and dryer is important. I use king size sheets and blankets, which take up more space. Also, just regular wash can be done in one load instead of two using the larger size load setting. It uses less electricity and water.

Buy before You Need Them

Most of the machines being made today are labeled "Energy Saver" and will clean your clothes. It all depends on what you want to pay for them. It has been my experience that the best time to look for any appliance is before you really need one. When they go out, you don't have time to research and get the best deals. I was looking for a couple of years at the front load washers and dryers. However, I thought the prices they were asking were too high, so I waited. On one holiday afternoon, my husband and I were looking through the after-Thanksgiving sales when my husband saw an ad for $1000 for a brand name front loading washer and dryer. Needless to say, I was at the store the next morning and became the proud owner of a new washer and dryer. We have a pick-up truck, so I was able to bring them home that evening. We live outside their "free delivery" area, so this was an additional savings. Also, I was able to purchase the set on their store credit at "12 months same as cash." Of course, I paid it off in less than 10 months. They even had a special going where I was able to get free brand name laundry detergent and fabric softener for a year with proof of purchase. Granted, these are not the top-of-the-line machines, but they have many features that I don't even use. They are "Energy-Star," which saves me money on my electric bill, and the front loading style saves on water.

Since my old machines were still in somewhat working order, we donated them to a needy family through a local organization and received a donation receipt for our taxes. When I looked for the paperwork on my original machines to give to the new owners, I found the receipt. I paid $1000 for them 12 years ago! Back then, my washer broke down and the dryer was making funny noises. We couldn't do without them, so we went to our local furniture/appliance store and bought new ones with no discounts, no free financing, and no special detergent deals.
Nancy in Bonne Terre, MO

Spend More on Washer than Dryer

I would buy a better quality washer and a less expensive dryer. Line drying clothes is best all the way around, but there are times when that just won't work. If the dryer breaks, you can live with that for awhile, but if the washer goes out, you have a big problem, which must be repaired right away. I have never had a matching set and have probably saved hundreds through the years by making everything last as long as possible.

Don't Scrimp on Large Appliances

You may be tempted to buy from the largest national chain store that sells appliances under their own name but are actually Whirlpool, LG, etc. My mother-in-law worked in the returns and warranty department of that chain for 20 years. Most of their appliances are made by the major manufacturers, but some are cobbled together from several suppliers and assembled at another plant. In other words, a fridge may have an LG icemaker but a Whirlpool body and another company's motor.

This does not make it a poor product, but it does make it a problem for warranties and repairs. When a warranty was submitted, often it was rejected by the original supplier even though it had a guarantee. The chain store has its own repairmen. That's why the repairman will tell you, "This part of that appliance is not under the warranty." Worse, they may make repairs using any part they have available, so your appliance becomes even tougher to service.

The bottom line is to buy a name brand from a trusted appliance dealership that services what they sell and will use genuine parts replacement for repairs. Large appliances are one place you don't want to scrimp.

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