What themes make for good gift baskets?

Gift Basket Ideas for Fundraisers

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Gift Baskets

We are doing a fundraiser basket party. Each member is to bring a basket. I decided to do a dry goods food basket (pasta, sauce, beans, canned meat, tea, cookies, noodles, peanut butter, jelly, crackers, cereal, hot chocolate, etc.). Since times are hard for some families, I thought this was a good idea. Can you expand on this? Thank You.

Celebrate the Decades

My mom always did "Decades" gift baskets with a recipe from the 50s, 60's or 70's and included all the dry goods to make those recipes. The 50s recipe was for Johnny Moisetti, which is a casserole dish. The 70s recipe was for quiche, etc. The recipes were always appreciated and enjoyed.

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Gluten Free Gift Baskets

More and more people are being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Therefore, put together a gluten-free basket with rice, potato flour, gluten-free baking mixes, a bag of macaroons or meringue cookies, and chocolate, which is also gluten-free.

Dip Mix Gift Baskets

Do a Google search for dip mix recipes and put together some mixes with spices and herbs from your kitchen cupboard in a zipper bag along with recipe cards to give instructions for making up the mix and/or the dips. Many people are giving up these little luxuries, but would save a lot by making their own dips for veggies or chips.

From a Recent Church Fundraiser

We had one of these at our church recently. A few of the gift baskets included the ones listed below and were great sellers.

  • Holiday Baking Basket: This included flour, sugar, baking powder, nuts, chocolate chips, marshmallow creme, dried fruit, butter, vanilla, and probably much more that I am forgetting. The money can rack up pretty quick in getting items for this basket, but the money racks up pretty quick for everything anymore.
  • Pasta Basket: This included small bags of pasta, a set of glass canisters, colander, cheese grater, a block of parmesan cheese, "shake" parmesan cheese, olive oil, a "fancy" olive oil dispense bottle, two Italian-looking plates, two cloth napkins, and a dishtowel. This looked great, and the preparer purchased most of it from the local discount store.
  • Coffee Basket: This had several kinds of coffee beans, a coffee grinder, coffee carafe, two large coffee mugs, and probably other things I couldn't see. This one was covered in plastic wrap and was very pretty, but you really couldn't see everything that was in it because of the wrapping.

There were several other gift baskets, but these were my favorites and the ones I could remember. Lorrie

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Give "Games" Gift Baskets

  • The game of Scat (instructions online) needs 16 coins or small washers and a deck of cards.
  • A set of Dominoes is not just for setting up and knocking down. They can play the actual game.
  • Include a pair of dice for Pig, the dice game. Find instructions online. This game is fantastic for kids having issues with math.
  • Also Pig, Tongue or Spoons (three separate names for the same game) is played with a deck of cards and spoons or your finger on your nose or you can stick out your tongue. Instructions are online.
  • Include any card game. Instructions can be found online.
  • A dollar store usually has cheap Chess and Checkers boards and the dice can be gotten at the dollar store as well.
  • Also go to the dollar store and get a couple of puzzles, which are good for the whole family.

Sally R.

Make a "Feel Better" Basket for Cold and Flu Season

I like to make theme gift baskets, such as items for a spaghetti dinner, a tea luncheon or party, or a rainy/snowy day basket, which could include a book/magazine, coffee, tea and/or hot chocolate. A "feel better" basket could include some chicken noodle soup, crackers, hot tea (ginger would be good), a magazine or book, a box of tissues, some cough drops, and chocolate candy. Each of these gift baskets could include a crossword puzzle book. There are so many themes that can be used.

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3 Great Gift Baskets to Consider

  1. Create a basket for holiday baking that includes spices, cookies cutters, flour, sugar, butter flavored shortening, sprinkles, and a holiday cookie cookbook.
  2. Put together a "Sit by the Warm Fire" basket that includes fire starters, long matches, a cozy throw, hot chocolate or cider mix, and some nice mugs
  3. Don't forget to make a bathroom basket with soaps, dispenser, toothbrushes, toothpaste, guest towels, bath salts, a bath pillow, and floss.


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The Great Ideas Are Endless

There are all kinds of fun gift baskets you can do.

  1. Movie Night - Include popcorn along with a DVD or movie rental coupons/gift cards. You can add soda or drink mix if you'd like and put it all in a big bowl that can be used to serve the popcorn.
  2. Birthday in a Basket - Include cake mix, frosting, candles, sprinkles, cake decorations, plates, plasticware, decorations, party favors, etc. We are doing this for our local women's shelter with each basket labeled for toddler (ages 1-2), preschool (ages 3-5), young elementary (ages 6-9), and older elementary (ages 10-12) and then for boy or girl or either.
  3. Kids Rainy Day - Include cards and art supplies like crayons, paper, scissors, markers, felt, yarn, etc.
  4. Pampering or Spa Basket - Include lotions, scrubs, masks, loofa sponge, bubble bath, chocolates, pretty mug with herbal tea, pedicure or manicure items (although these could also be their own baskets), headband, etc.
  5. Feel Better Basket - Include canned soup (maybe with a soup mug), tea (maybe with a pretty or funny get well mug), crackers, pain reliever/fever reducer, cough drops, tissues, muscle rub, and a book or word search/crossword puzzles with pencils/pens.
  6. BBQ Basket - Include an assortment of BBQ utensils, apron, dish towels, sauces, and rubs.
  7. Cleaning Day Basket - Include an assortment of cleaning supplies, sponges/gloves, rags, etc.
  8. Baking/Cooking Basket - Fill a basket with a variety of spices and seasonings beyond the basic salt and pepper.
  9. Baby Basket - Fill with baby powder, baby shampoo, baby wash, baby washcloths, hooded towel, assorted diaper rash creams and ointments, baby nail clippers, grooming set, and a bulb syringe.


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