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What Does Frugal Living Mean to You?

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Frugal Living Is Different Than Cheap

To me, frugal living means having the things that you want and you need while living within a balanced budget. It is different than cheap, which means that you buy the least expensive thing and make do. Frugal people eat well, have nice homes with nice furniture, go on vacations, etc. They just manage their resources so that they go further. They have more for less.

Live Well for Little Outlay

To me, living frugally mean living well for very little outlay. It takes a bit of effort to find the best value for your money, but that is also the fun part of it.

The Many Facets of Frugal Living

Frugal living means many things:

  • Frugal Living means being good stewards of our resources by using up what we already have before purchasing more.
  • Frugal Living means comparison shopping, using coupons (both in stores and online) and shopping at lower priced stores, which I may have shied away from in the past.
  • Frugal Living means relying less on convenience foods and preparing more "made from scratch" foods.
  • Frugal Living means dusting off my grandmother's cookbook and learning how to use the entire chicken not just the legs and breasts.
  • Frugal Living is a return to basics and an opportunity to get out of the "go, go, go, spend, spend, spend" cycle many of us are caught up in.

Kim in Roswell, GA

Frugal Living Means Making Deliberate Choices

Frugal living to me is about deliberately making choices on how to spend the money God has entrusted to me. I could decide to eat out at lunch, or I can sponsor a child in a third world country with what I save by brown bagging it. I can choose to utilize a previously owned car for which I paid cash and budget for repairs, which allows me to sponsor a missionary in India. I can elect to spend my vacation at home, allowing me to live in a home I can afford to maintain. I can give others my time and personal attention, because I work in a job that does not consume my every waking moment. I have been able to accomplish saving an ample emergency fund.

Frugal living choices are not always easy or "normal," but they are peace-giving. I live worry free about money because my needs are reasonable and simple and I have planned for the usual circumstances of life. I would encourage anyone to begin to make small changes toward frugal living and enjoying the freedom it brings to life.

Living to Help Others

Frugal living means living well within your means, both money-wise and comfort-wise. Saving money wherever and whenever possible, but not being stingy. Having plenty of what you need and not being smothered by what you think you want. It also means helping others with freecycling what you no longer need, volunteering when possible, and offering a helping hand to neighbors (or strangers).

Knowing "Wants" Versus "Needs"

Frugal living means knowing the difference between "wants" and "needs," making the best of what you've got, and being happy that no matter what, we are abundantly blessed. As the wise old saying goes, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."
Sue in Harlingen, TX

Mindful Living

To me, frugal living means to live mindfully, without wasting anything.
Sheila P.

Frugal Living Is Sensible Living

Frugal living to me means living sensibly. In other words, not spending money wastefully on things that are not needed and being thrifty, but doing these things without becoming obsessed over every penny.

Enjoying the True Blessings of Life

Frugal living allows me the freedom to splurge on the true blessings of life, which include time spent with family, volunteering, having plenty of extra money to tithe and bless those around me, and the privilege of choices for today and the future. Through a diligent frugal lifestyle, I will fully retire in my 50s and continue generously giving to those in my family and community.

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