Do you need a professional for removing auto window tint?

Removing Auto Window Tint

Removing Auto Window Tint

I'm in need of an economical and easy way of removing auto window tinting. I have a tint job that is at least 10 years old and is bubbling and peeling away, leaving a tint residue that is really unsafe for driving. I called a local tint business, and they want to charge way too much to remove the tinting on my car windows. I'm sure I could do this with time and the right tools. What type of solvent could be easily used to remove the tinting? I know that I would have to be extremely careful around the rear defrosters, but what advise could someone give me to tackle this job?
Jessica W.

Don't Cut Corners when Removing Auto Window Tint

I have removed window tint. It is illegal here in my state, as the nice officer informed me after buying my used car. The best way is not try to save money. Go to a home improvement store and look for the window tinting kits there. They sell a kit with the special remover and tools included. This will remove all residue and will be the least likely to scratch the window. Spray it on, let it work, and be patient. It will come off.

Online Answer for Removing Tint

WikiHow has a great answer for removing auto window tint and it includes pictures!
Kath in Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg, NC

Just Removed Window Tint

My husband just removed the old window tinting from our vehicle. For some reason, the film on the front door windows peeled off beautifully with no tools or chemicals. On the back door windows, only the top layer of the film peeled off, but he was able to use a razor blade scraper to get the second layer off (very similar to scraping paint off a window). All the windows now look like they have never had tinting on them.

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