Spring cleaning could be a paying proposition!

The Spring Cleaning Money Hunt

by Veronica Bowman

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Almost everyone is familiar with the phrase "spring cleaning." For months, it seems most people have been confined to the indoors more than they like to be. The winter skies have been filled with gray more often than blue. As soon as spring arrives, most people feel the desire to lighten up and brighten up their surroundings. Many people feel an inner tug that urges them to spring clean their home and clear away the indoor clutter that accumulated during the winter months. One way to make spring cleaning more enjoyable or to increase the likelihood that the whole family become involved with the process is to declare springtime "money hunting season."

If you have been living on a tight budget due to the financial strain the winter season puts on the household utility budget, you are probably ready for a little relief and also a little fun. Place a bowl, box, or jar in a centralized location of your house. On spring cleaning day, this will be the location where everyone puts the money they find while cleaning various areas around the house. You might be surprised at how much small change you find as you clean. Remember that each penny you find is important.

Before you pack away winter coats, seasonal handbags, and winter clothing, check them carefully. Coat pockets and the pockets of pants often have some change in them that you simply stuffed there after making a quick purchase at the store. It is very likely that you will find some loose change at the bottom of a handbag.

While spring cleaning your house, check between and under sofa and chair cushions. Look under the bed and various other pieces of furniture where money could have bounced or rolled. Perhaps earlier you didn't hear it fall or simply didn't have time to search for it when you dropped it. You can also extend your hunt for money to drawers and shelves. It may be that you hurriedly tossed some loose change into a drawer with the intention of getting it later, but forgot about it. Check all open containers such as vases, jars, decorative boxes, pencil holders on your desk, and various other possibilities to see if you can increase the bounty of the hunt. One area that you should check carefully is the shelf in a laundry room or laundry closet. Quite often, whoever is checking pockets before doing laundry will find some money in a pocket and place in on a shelf nearby. It may remain there unclaimed until the spring time money hunt.

If you extend your spring cleaning frenzy to the car, you may find quite a bit of money to add to the collection jar. The arrival of spring is a good time to wash all of the winter dirt and grim from your car. As you clean the interior of your car, you will probably find some change there. Look between the seats and under the seats as well as in any trays, cup holders, or any other place where a few pieces of change could be tossed.

At the end of the day, count the change you found. Do something fun with the money. If you have to add a little to the spring cleaning money jar, just consider it a well-deserved reward for all of the work you and your family did to banish the winter gray from your world.

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