What can you do to help a friend who has lost their home?

Helping Foreclosed Friend

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Helping Foreclosed Friend

I would like suggestions on helping a friend in our community whose home was just foreclosured on. At this point, she has lost everything. She had a little Jack Russell dog that she had to find a new home for because she moved to a basement apartment and they wouldn't take her dog. The other day he bolted out of his new home and got hit by a car and killed. It was an accident. This lady has had so much happen to her lately. We all want to do something to help her get her life back to normal. At this moment, she doesn't have a kitchen in the apartment. I was thinking of making a basket for her with a box of laundry detergent, dryer sheets, soap, dish detergent for later, towels, and washcloths. Any other suggestions?

Say You Care with Home-Cooked Meals

You say she doesn't have a kitchen in the apartment. Maybe you all can pool your money together and buy her a microfridge, a hot plate, or a microwave so she can make simple meals at home. Or maybe you all can take turns putting a home-cooked meal together for her once a week until she gets back on her feet.

Consider This Cool Little Kitchen Tool

I read with interest about the friend that had to move to a basement apartment and was without a kitchen. A new find that I recently purchased that I think would be perfect for apartment owners, dorm rooms, etc. is an induction cook top. It is a smooth topped appliance that plugs in and cooks with magnet energy. Therefore, you must have a pan that conducts a magnet, such as stainless steel or cast iron. Most have a timer, and once the pan is removed, there is no heat. The appliance itself does not get hot like a hot pot so there is no fire danger. These little appliances will boil water in under a minute so would be great for heating items in boil bags or making pasta, etc. I was unaware of these until recently, but they are now becoming popular in the US. This ultimately should save her in eating out costs.

A Few More Ideas for Gift Basket

If she can cook on a limited basis (as in a slow cooker or with a toaster), you could get her toaster pastries and small items that could be heated easily in the slow cooker like prepared stews and soups, hot dogs, and canned baked beans if she likes them.

If the apartment owners don't want any cooking, consider giving a dorm-sized refrigerator that will allow her to keep some milk and fruit juice and maybe a few sodas cool.

When I graduated from high school, my mom put together a laundry basket with a variety of things in it, including paper towel, toilet tissue, Kleenex, some canned veggies and fruit, laundry soap, fabric softener sheets, some dish clothes, dish towels, two sets of bath towels/hand towels/wash cloths, and a set of sheets for my bed. It was really wonderful to know that for at least a week, I was pretty well stocked for starting out my "new life," and I'll always be grateful.

Make Her Mornings a Little Better

Sounds like a good start with a box of Gain, dryer sheets, soap, dish detergent, towels and cloths. Another idea is a coffee maker with coffee, creamer, sugar/sweetener, etc. Maybe several persons can get together and get the friend a microwave (if she doesn't have one) and some non-perishable foods.

The Gift of "Me Time"

When I was newly divorced and had absolutely no extra money, I went online and requested samples of beauty products like bath gels, shampoo, cream rinse, etc. At the time, I had subscribed to a website (I can't remember the name now) that provided links to these free samples, which made it very easy for me to obtain them. For many months, this was my only source of "splurging" for myself. I would set aside a specific day to give myself a beauty treatment with the free samples.

I would suggest you ask friends to donate to you any free samples they might have along this line and use these items in your gift basket. I know I have several in my bath cabinet right now that would "qualify." If you ask friends, co-workers, your church family and/or relatives to pitch in, you could end up with a very nice gift for your friend.

Lift Her Spirits

Your gift basket sounds terrific. What about something to lift her spirits like a day at a spa? Although not "practical," it will make her feel better I'm sure.
M. in Rutland, VT

Helping Foreclosed Friend with a Chance to Talk

What about taking her out for coffee and chatting a while? She may need the companionship especially after losing her beloved pet. They are like family, and you talk to them, etc. Can you invite her over to your place if you are close?

What about a gift certificate from the group to get a treat from the local department store? Let her pick out what she likes. That can be fun when you feel like you have lost everything. She may prefer a different color dishtowel or one bath towel in her color. Maybe one of you could take her.

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