Where to find deals on plus sized boys clothing

Finding Plus Sized Boys Clothing Deals

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Plus Sized Clothes Deals for Teen Boys

I like the article for plus size clothing for girls, but what about boys? Most of the stores mentioned have clothes for girls, but not much in the way of plus sized boys clothing. We have to shop in the men's department, but the length is all wrong.

Alter to Plus Size

My eldest son has always been thicker in the waist and shorter in the leg. I bought men's clothes at thrift stores and cut off a few feet and then I hemmed and reshaped the pant legs. It takes a little time and trial and error to get it just right. Thankfully, he's now finally tall enough that we can buy right off the rack.

What I Found About Plus Sized Clothes

Plus sized boys clothing can be purchased new at KingSizeDirect.com.

I checked the men's department at Saver's and Goodwill, but plus sized men and boys quite literally wear their clothes out. I asked, begged, and pleaded for clothes for plus sized teens (and a plus sized man), but I wasn't successful at getting them.

So, I learned to sew. I watched the deals at KingSizeDirect.com, which are usually around 20% off or free shipping through their catalog orders. I also became friendly with other teen plus moms and people at church. I put the word out in my clubs as well.

Make Your Own Plus Pattern

When my son was younger, I went to Sears and a clerk told me to find the waist size of the pants and buy it in the slim leg or regular. Another option is to find someone who can sew, and using a pair of pants that fit, you can make your own pattern to make the slacks.

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