Can membership to an online dating site help you find true love?

Online Dating

by M. Carole Wyatt

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Inexpensive Dating Ideas

Currently there are more adult single people in the United Stated than people who classify themselves as married or co-inhabiting according to the US Census. With those type of numbers, why be alone on Friday night? The big question is how do you meet these people? Asking a stranger in the grocery random questions doesn't work despite books touting this as a method to meet people.

More and more people are meeting online. One out of four relationships started online. In the forty-plus set, the numbers double. You can meet quality people online, but it is like bagging a great deal in that you need skills.

Decide on your online dating site. Many bigger sites like eHarmony® or® will offer you a free week. Check it out first before committing. Once you decide to join, be patient. My hesitation brought the initial price down 75%. Join for a short time because the renewal prices are much lower than the original price, too.

Now that you've joined an online dating site make it count. Think about your profile while writing it. If possible, seek help to proof read it before posting. Once it's posted, you're stuck with it. Every misspelled word or sarcastic comment is chasing off people you want to meet. This is your first impression. Unlike the grocery store encounter, you can polish it until it's perfect.

Don't reveal too much about yourself in the profile. Instead of your real name you might even go with a nickname. You don't always know who might be reading your profile, so it is good to be a little mysterious until you know the person better.

Photos seal the deal especially if you're a woman. You don't have to be a cover girl. Just have a few decent photos. Don't post photos with other people, as it just confuses the viewer. Photos outside are a plus. Showing yourself engaged in a sport shows you're no couch potato. Beware of touching up the photo too much because you may meet the person you're emailing and it would be nice to look like your photo.

Be picky, but polite. You do not have to date every person who responds to your profile. By this age, you should know what you want. Write down ten things you are hoping to find in a potential date. Don't expect to find all of them, though. Be realistic in your choices. Don't waste time responding to people in other countries or states you don't plan to visit regularly.

You made it to the first date. Remember that your date is just as nervous as you are. Be on time. Be well groomed and polite. Make the initial date short. Less than an hour at a local coffee shop is sufficient. Don't grill your date. Instead, keep the conversation light. Tell someone where you are going. Who knows? You might hit it off. If not, be polite. Kindness costs nothing, but pays dividends. Your date could have a friend who might be perfect for you. Be bold, date smart, and have fun.

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