5 ways to reduce the cost of dental work

Cut Down Your Dentist's Bill

by Dr. Mujtaba Ali

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People hate going to the dentist. The cost of dental work is one of the important reasons for that. Dental treatment is expensive especially in western countries. You can't neglect your dental problems either and end up paying a large amount of money for dental work.

Why is dental work expensive? Dental work is expensive due to various factors. These include the cost of the materials during the procedure and costs associated with instruments used. Also, dental work is often time-consuming and requires multiple appointments. The expertise of the dentist is also an important contributing factor to the cost of dental treatment.

Here are five ways to cut down on the cost of dental work:

Prevention: The age old saying "Prevention is better than cure" holds true for dental treatment. Most of the dental problems can be prevented by practicing good dental hygiene. Good dental hygiene comprises of brushing, flossing, rinsing after eating, avoiding snacking between meals, etc.

Regular visits: A regular visit to the dentist in fact saves expenditure. Regular visits help to identify dental problems in initial stages, which are much more cost-friendly to treat than treating them in advanced stage.

Immediate interception: Dental problems worsen over time, which requires more invasive procedures, and you end up paying more. Whenever you spot a dental problem, do not delay in getting the treatment done as the cost may escalate as the problem worsens.

Let's take an example of tooth decay (dental cavities) and how the cost increases if you delay the treatment.




Early tooth decay

Amalgam filling


Advanced tooth decay



Tooth decay extending to pulp

Root Canal Treatment


Tooth decay causing extensive loss of tooth structure

Extraction and replacement


(Note: The above are approximate average costs associated with the specific dental work in the United States.)

Dental coverage: Various types of dental coverage like dental insurance and dental plans help to reduce considerable cost of dental work. Most of these do not cover tooth whitening or dental implant cost and similar cosmetic procedures. Make sure you read the fine print when selecting a dental coverage.

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Options: Always ask the dentist about the various treatment options and associated costs as often there are various treatment options available with specific advantages and disadvantages.

Dental tourism: For costly dental work, dental tourism can be utilized to get the treatment done in a country where the cost is substantially lower than western countries. The dentists are well-qualified and trained. You can also combine it with a vacation. Hence, the concept is known as dental tourism. Dental tourism is only feasible for costly dental treatment.

Dr. Mujtaba Ali is the owner of E-dental-health. E-dental-health is a dental website, which aims to impart dental awareness amongst people and covers many dental problems and dental procedures.

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