Can you really make money doing surveys?

Getting Paid for Surveys

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Are doing paid surveys safe? Do they work? Can you really make money? Do you have a list of the best ones?

Make a Little Money with Paid Surveys

Yes, paid surveys can be safe. You can make money but don't expect them to buy your groceries each month! You can make $10-40 a month usually. Be sure to never pay for membership and choose ones that pay you by check mailed to you, gift cards, or PayPal payment. Here are the ones that have made me a tidy little sum:

Since January, I have racked up $135 in Amazon gift certificates and deposited $150 in my savings account, all earnings from surveys. I could make more if I wasn't in my mid-50s since younger people, especially those with children, qualify for more surveys.

I also joined Swagbucks. They pay "bucks" for surveys and other things that you can convert into gift cards. Since I do a lot of searches for my article writing, I'm accumulating enough "bucks" for two $5 gift cards a month! There are surveys to take, too, and other ways to work toward your gift cards. I have a word of caution. $25 Amazon card costs more than five $5 cards, so when choosing a card with this or any other program, be sure to calculate just as you would when comparing prices at the grocery store!
Mrs. Steele

She Moved On!

I did the online survey thing for a while and gave it up. Usually I would not get past the first few pages and then get a message that I didn't meet the profile of respondents wanted. The surveys I did do became repetitive and boring. You will likely only get a small amount of money by doing many surveys frequently. The usual payment is in the range of $1 to $3.

Your experience with paid surveys may be totally different from mine. You can always try it and see what happens. If it works for you, keep going! If it doesn't, then unsubscribe from the site and move on.

Proceed with Caution

You have to be careful about the company you sign up with when you want to do surveys. I have been doing surveys for Pinecone Research for the past year. They pay $3 a survey and sometimes the companies will send you samples to try. They are very exclusive and only add new members at certain times. Watch their website. They also use PayPal for payment if you have an account. They are very serious about confidentiality.

Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

I do paid surveys with three companies. None of them will get me rich in a hurry, but they do pay out every once in awhile. Global Test Market pays the best and by cheque. Ipsos Reid is the one I feel is the most professional, but they don't pay as much. They also pay by cheque. The last one is SurveyHead, and they pay into a PayPal account. They are the slowest to pay and frequently their surveys don't work out. If you just wanted to try one out, I would recommend Global Test Market.

Never Give Out Financial Information

I have been doing paid surveys for many years, and it can be very rewarding. There are some scams out there, and you have to be careful. If they ask for credit card numbers or bank account information, delete fast.

I use Ipsos i-Say, Pinecone Research, Global Opinion Panels, Survey Spot, Zoom, Neilson, and a few others. Once you get started, you will get invites from others.

Way to Make Casual Income

Consider paid surveys very casual income. How much you make depends on what kind of folks they're looking for. Pinecone is good, but you have to come across an invitation or have someone refer you when they have enrollment. Most sites give you points for each survey, and you cash in when it hits a certain amount. Check for a list of reputable companies.

Consider This Option for Paid Surveys

If you live in a city that has 20/20 Research, Leibowitz Marketing, or AOC, consider them, as they pay well for focus groups. Visit their websites and create a profile that includes age, gender, family members, pets, etc. and they will email you periodically when you fit their demographics. You have to go to their office, but I have received between $75 and $300 per survey. Topics have included cooking with tomato products, pest control in your garden, green banking, and BCBS insurance.

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