Reduce gas consumption and also do something good for your body

SMART Ways to Save at the Pump

by Veronica Bowman

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The rising cost of fuel prices makes it even more necessary to find ways to stretch what may already be a tight budget. There are several ways to reduce gas consumption. The good thing about these money-saving tips is that other areas of your life will also benefit from some of these helpful tips. Follow this S.M.A.R.T. plan to save money and also do something good for your body.

Slow Down

If you find yourself consistently leaving home late and driving frantically to reach your destination on time, you can do yourself and your budget a favor by slowing down. Organize your life so that you aren't always running late because you can't decide what to wear or can't find your keys. Take a few minutes before going to bed to be sure you are prepared for the next day. Leave home a little early. If you arrive at your destination early, just enjoy the few extra minutes of quiet time to read or simply rest your mind and relax your body.


Maintaining properly inflated tires is a way to reduce gas consumption. You can also reduce your fuel costs by having your car serviced regularly. There are times, such as with car maintenance, when spending money can actually save you some money.


It saves to look ahead, especially if you are traveling through an area with numerous stop lights or stops signs. If you get stopped at one light and there's another one just ahead, don't accelerate in an attempt to beat the light. Jump starts and rapid braking waste gas. When driving in an area with numerous intersections and stop signs, don't rush from sign to sign. Think back to the first step in the S.M.A.R.T plan, leave early and slow down.


One of the best ways to avoid having your gas bill destroy your budget is to buy less gas. Alter your lifestyle so that you only do purposeful driving. There are probably many times when you made a quick trip to the store when you could have combined that trip with another errand at a later time. Devise a gas-saving travel plan for errands that allows you to do a variety of things in one circle of travel.

Designate a stay at home day. If you have a couple of days in a row off, stay at home one of those days. Spend the day at home, engaged in fun family activities. Or, use the day to do some spring cleaning, home repairs, catch up on some sleep, or enjoy some much deserved leisure time.

Take a Walk

Idling wastes gas and money. Rather than sit in line at a fast food restaurant, bank, or elsewhere, park your car and walk inside. That little bit of exercise is good for your body and your wallet.

While you may not be able to control the out of control gas prices, you can implement a S.M.A.R.T plan to reduce the pain at the pump.

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