Inexpensive ways to refill your string trimmer

Frugal String Trimmer Refills

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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String Trimmer Refills

I love my string trimmer/weed chopper, but I don't like to pay $7 for each roll of refill string. I must've paid $200 for these since I bought the $30 trimmer. Any ideas on saving money on this? I have a weedy driveway and don't like chemicals. Many thanks!

Rewind Line onto Spool

Rewinding line onto the spool is not difficult and saves lots of money. It's best to own two spools so that when one is empty, you can immediately load the other into the trimmer and keep going. Then, in a spare minute, wind new line into the second one for use when it's needed. Large spools of line are available at a reasonable price.
Bonnie in Arkansas

Take a Different Approach

I don't have an answer for more string, but I do know that pouring vinegar or salt water on the cracks in your driveway will impede weed growth!

Use Fishing Line

When we run short, we have found that fishing line works. Just check your line and find one that is weight/size comparable to the normal trimmer wire.

Roll String Yourself

Instead of buying pre-loaded string, buy the roll of string and refill it yourself. It should be much cheaper. Try it out and see if it works for you. I hope it saves you money. I know it takes a little more time rolling it, but the savings should be worth it.

Easy Fix

I have a trimmer with a removable, rewindable spool. A roll of trimmer cord has hundreds of feet of string on it, and can rewind your spool dozens of times. It will last you for years. Pop that spool off when empty, wrap it in the direction the arrow shows, and pop it back on. If your trimmer is not that type, take a trip to Wal-Mart and get one with the money you are going to save!

Properly Use Trimmer

I wonder if you are using the trimmer properly. That seems like a huge amount of line to go through. First, don't cut large weeds with the trimmer. Most trimmer lines can't handle very large stems without snapping. Cut large weeds down with a pair of loppers and then try and trim every week or at the most two weeks.

Next, what hard items do you trim around? Can you remove any rocks larger than gravel? Look for other items that can perhaps be moved. For things that can't be moved, consider mulching around them to keep weeds and grass down. We use grass clippings around tree trunks to keep grass down. Mulching around tree trunks will keep you from having to trim so close to the trunk, which will help the tree and keep you from snapping your line so often.

Finally, don't let too much string out of the spool at once. You should be able to tell how long your line is without stopping the trimmer. Start a couple of feet away from a clump of grass or weeds and slowly move your trimmer in towards it. When it begins cutting, you can see how long your line is. Don't let out more line until you are down to 3 or 4 inches left and then only tap it a time or two. Any excess line will be cut off by the line knife on the trimmer guard and will be wasted.

Kill Weeds with Boiling Water

For weeds in the pavement, dump boiling water on them. You may have to do this a few times in the year, but it works great.
Lisa in Ypsilanti

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