What happens when you mix "entrepreneurial" and "leadership"?

Review of Dave Ramsey's EntreLeadership Seminar

review by Tamara Wilhite

Dave Ramsey, the author of Financial Peace University has created a book on leadership and business. The title of his book, EntreLeadership, is a combination of entrepreneurial and leadership. The EntreLeadership seminar by Dave Ramsey is a one-day overview of his week long EntreLeadership retreat and an in-depth presentation on the content of his book, EntreLeadership. This seminar has many strengths and a few weaknesses.


  • Dave has an excellent session on the natural flow of translating dreams and visions into detailed action plans.
  • Financial peace planning for business is different than a plan for individuals and Dave Ramsey describes how to do this in Chapter Three of the EntreLeadership seminar. Knowing when to fire your accountant will prevent your business from falling prey to bad financial advice.
  • The one-day course covers about 20% of the material of the EntreLeadership week-long seminar. One ticket to EntreLeadership one-day seminar in fall 2011 was roughly $70 (depending on convenience pricing and daily promotions). This is a fraction of the $6,000 cost of attending the one-week EntreLeadership course.
  • In my opinion, the "Business Is Easy Until People Get Involved" lesson should be mandatory reading for Human Resources personnel.
  • Dave Ramsey provides actionable advice on everything from interviewing to firing, practicing ethics in the work place, and staying within your mission statement to avoid taking on projects that take time and energy from what your business is good at.
  • Unlike Financial Peace University (FPU) courses, which I have taught as a volunteer alongside my husband, Dave Ramsey teaches EntreLeadership himself. You gain the dynamic and the ability to ask him questions directly, something the structure of FPU doesn't permit.


  • A modest percentage of Chapter One, "EntreLeadership Defined," is borrowed from his friend Zig Ziglar. Much of Chapter Two, "Start with a Dream, End with a Goal," is loaned by Steve Covey. How to reprimand an employee is directly from the book The One Minute Manager. If you have read these books, EntreLeadership does not have much new material to offer you.
  • Cute video tidbits from movies and cartoons enlivened the show, but some of them failed to add enlightenment of discussed concepts or comedic relief.

Tidbits of Wisdom from EntreLeadership

Some of my favorite lines from Dave Ramsey's EntreLeadership are:

  • You can't grow a business when you surround yourself with butt-kissers.
  • You need a team as dedicated to your company's vision as you are in order to have a business, not just a job that you own, because then they will act in your place. This allows you to walk away and still receive the cash flow from the business.
  • Organizations are limited by their leaders, not their opportunities.
  • Your goals must belong to you, or you will not be passionate in achieving them.
  • If someone asks about pay or benefits in the first few minutes of the interview, they are there for themselves and not to serve you.
  • Personal character is not separable from performance in the workplace. Someone who lies to his/her spouse is inclined to lie or cheat the business.

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Tamara Wilhite writes frugal living and technical articles for a variety of publications. You can read her work on Hubpages at tamarawilhite.hubpages.com. Tamara Wilhite is also the author of several science fiction books, including Humanity's Edge, Sirat: Through the Fires of Hell, and a contributor to Infinite Space, Infinite God II, a Catholic science fiction anthology.

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