When the edges of your mirror are flaking

Repairing a Flaking Mirror

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Repairing a Flaking Mirror

I live in a fairly new home (six years old), but the mirror in my second bathroom is already starting to wear away on the edges. I think it's called "silvering." We tried to frame the mirror to hide the edges, but no adhesive seems to adhere the wood to the mirror. I don't know what else to do. I guess we could try to replace the mirror, but it's held onto the wall with clips. We are afraid we would end up tearing up the wall underneath if we tried that. Do you have any suggestions?

Try Clear Silicone Caulk

You can "glue" the wood to the mirror with clear silicone caulk with great success.
Bri in Austin, TX

Creative Framing

First use masking paper (or newspaper) and masking tape to mask off the wall all around the mirror. Then tape off in the center of the mirror but leave a one- or two-inch "frame" around all four sides exposed. Make sure the tape is pressed onto the mirror very well. Next spray a primer like "Cover Stain" from Home Depot or Lowes on the exposed area to create a framed border around all four sides of the mirror. Wait until it is dry and then spray several coats (let dry between coats) of a pretty color of spray paint. Let it dry 24 hours. Then very carefully pull off all the masking paper and tape. Be careful especially with the tape that is on the mirror right next to the painted border. You may need to cut the edge of the tape with a knife so that it won't pull the paint off the mirror as you remove the tape. You'll have a beautifully framed mirror with no signs of silvering.

Repairing a Flaking Mirror

Solve with Wallpaper

When I was repairing a flaking mirror, I finally solved the problem by buying a strip of wallpaper type roll with a pretty pattern and applied it as a frame around the mirror

Putty in Place

We bought a trailer that had a large mounted mirror with a blemish in it. I already had a small framed mirror with a "unicorn" design etched into it. I took the frame off the small mirror and adhered it to the large mirror with sticky putty purchased at a dollar store. This putty is in small sticks that you "knead" until soft and then place on whatever needs to be stuck up. The small mirror has not come off and has been on for several months. This putty should be strong enough to hold framing material in place around the mirror. For a dollar it is worth trying.

Prevent Silvering

I'm not sure how to repair silvering, but I do know how to avoid it. Silvering is caused by moisture (water) getting under the edge of the mirror.

The most common place for silvering to occur is at the lower edge of the mirror above the faucets and, for mirrors close to showers, along all of the edges due to the humidity caused from hot showers.

To avoid this, keep the mirror as dry as possible. Quickly wipe splashes off the mirror when brushing your teeth, etc. When you clean with spray, spray the towel or newspaper you are using to wipe the mirror with rather than spraying directly on the mirror. This will prevent drips from running down the mirror and causing the silvering. When showering, use a vent fan to keep humidity down or leave the bathroom door open following your showers to let the humidity escape the bathroom.

Frame with Greenery

I have a friend who just turned her mirror upside down and hot glued some silk flowers and greenery across the top to hide the flaking at the bottom of the mirror. Looks great. You could also use a strip of wallpaper border that matches the room.

Edge with Glass Tiles

Get some glass tiles and adhesive. Make a pattern around the edge. You can either grout or not. It's your choice.

Reviewed January 2018

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