Spring decorating tricks for your home

10 Ways to Decorate for Spring on a Budget

by Kathy Woodard

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Freshen Your Rooms for Spring

Spring decorating can be a fun, creative time when we crawl out of the covers of winter and create a fresh space. Here are ten ways to decorate for spring on a budget!

Add pops of color.

Use colored paper craft tape or Japanese masking tape to add colorful accents around the room. Add bands, borders or stripes to lampshades, wall art, and even mirrors.

Frame garden catalogs or seed packets.

Most garden catalogs come free in the mail, and they have beautiful photography of plants and flowers. Many seed packets these days are also being designed with a retro look to them. Frame those pictures with dollar store frames for cheap wall art.

Shine and sparkle!

Studies show that up to 20% of the light from a window can be blocked by dirt and grime, so pull out your cleaning supplies and shine up those windows! Allowing more light into a room makes it look brighter and bigger and adds a spring sparkle. And it's free!

Be ruthless.

Take a box and 15 minutes and de-clutter your room. Everything that belongs somewhere else goes into the box, and if it isn't used daily, find a storage space for it. De-cluttering brings fresh breath of air into a room.

Re-arrange everything!

Spring is the season of renewal, so use what you already have to make your room new. Try your furniture away from the walls or placed on a diagonal. Take all your accessories and wall art down and place on a table. Now try new arrangements, hang wall art in new places, and combine things in different ways. Experimenting costs nothing, and you might just find your inner designer.

Add white!

Pump up the freshness in any room by adding liberal doses of white to the existing color scheme. While winter rooms should cocoon us in visual warmth, we want our warm weather rooms to reflect a bright and airy feeling. Repaint trim a bright white, or replace heavy drapes with white sheers. Add white throw pillows and a fresh white tablecloth. If you have a major project to do, such as redecorating a kitchen, consider repainting cabinets and appliances white as well.

Bring nature in.

Nothing says spring like the new buds on the trees, birds singing, and blue skies. So bring little touches of nature into your home. Use tiny grapevine wreaths as curtain tiebacks or towel hangers. Fill a pretty bowl with nature finds from your walks. Press flowers and frame them.


Speaking of flowers, nothing brings the feeling of spring into a home like fresh flowers. That doesn't mean a weekly trip to an expensive florist. Pick up a grocery store bouquet of long lasting flowers like Peruvian Lily or Mums and break up the bouquet into small little posies. Place one little bunch in each main room, tucked into a teacup or floating in a nice bowl. Small vases can be picked up at the flower shop. Don't underestimate flowers and greens found in your own backyard.

Paint something!

You don't have to paint a whole room to make a fantastic update. Paint a piece of furniture or a chair a pretty spring shade, such as aquamarine blue or apple green. If you really feel daring, paint your focal wall the same shade. Remember that it's only paint. If you don't like it, you can change it.

Remove throw rugs and polish floors.

This is the time of year to pull up those throw rugs and shine up those floors. It will make a space seem larger and more airy.

Spring decorating doesn't have to break the bank. Follow The Budget Decorator's advice to transform each of your rooms into a renewed space!

Want to love your home and keep your cash? Get free home decorating ideas from Kathy at TheBudgetDecorator.com and gardening advice at TheGardenGlove.com.

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