How to find lipstick for less

Cheap Lipstick

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Cheap Lipstick

I love lipstick! Different colors are so much fun, but the cost is getting out of sight. How can I buy a whole bunch of different lipsticks and still have enough money left to go out?

Check Out e.l.f

Lipsticks can cost as little as a dollar at your local drugstore. I would recommend choosing just one or two high-quality lipsticks in the shades you use most, and then buying the "just for fun" shades that you'll wear only once in a while off the bargain rack. Another good source of inexpensive lipsticks (and other types of makeup) is e.l.f. Cosmetics All their products are nontoxic and cruelty-free, and their lipsticks cost only $1 to $5 each.

Mix and Match for Beautiful Shades

Go to local dollar stores and then mix and match. You can also then change what you have and find all kinds of new, fun shades while saving money. Also, at the end of the aisle in the large bargain stores, they often sell all kinds of things for excellent prices, including lipstick. Combine these bargains with a good coupon, and you are in business! Enjoy!

Help for Lipstick Addicts

I have three suggestions for lipstick addicts like me:

  1. Buy inexpensive lipstick, like Wet and Wild. I have enjoyed 99-cent lipstick as much as the $20 stuff.
  2. Try gift sets, especially when they are on sale after the holidays. 10 colors for $5? Not bad.
  3. Mix colors. Want a glittery red? Mix a red you already have with a sheer glittery gloss. Pink a little too bright? Mix it with a nude you already have. Either layer the colors on your lips, mix them in your palm, or (once you find a shade combination you really like) mix them in an empty makeup pot.

Emilie in Indiana

Contact an Avon Representative

Find an Avon representative and ask her if she would order you a package of samples in your favorite color family. I used to sell Avon and would order a package of samples for several of my customers. They would pay me the cost of samples and then buy a full size in the color they would wear the most, but still have five or six other colors to use. Each sample is good for many applications. By the time your samples are gone, the seasons and colors will have changed, and it'll be time for a new package of samples in the new seasonal colors.

Find Cheap Lipstick on eBay

Whenever I see something I want, and the price is holding me back, I look first on eBay for a better price. I looked for lipstick on there and found it for $1.50 (Buy it Now price) with free shipping. I don't know what you are paying now, but it might be worth a look for you.

Start with Lip Pencils

Instead of purchasing several different lipsticks, try lip pencils instead. The Wet n Wild brand is inexpensive enough to try several colors without breaking the bank. Color in the lips with the pencil and then top with gloss or lipstick. With one lipstick and several different shades of lip pencil, you can create several different colors to match your outfits or your moods.
Stacie G

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