She found a great sale. Now she's looking for ways to use all that body wash.

Other Uses for Body Wash

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Other Uses for Body Wash?

I've been finding some great sales on body wash. Think that I went a little too far with the sales and bought a lifetime supply! Besides taking more showers, how else can I use it up?

Great for Washing Lingerie

I use body wash that's been diluted for hand soap. Also, you can wash your lingerie in it. I also have reused those soap dispensers for foam soap and made my own. It's very economical! You just have to play around with the mixture rate.

Give Excess to Nursing Home

To get rid of unwanted and unused body wash and lotions, check with a local nursing home to see if they could use it for their patients. It can be given away as birthday or holiday gifts, used as prizes for game days or bingo, etc.

Donate to a Women's Shelter

I know women's shelters are always looking for donated toiletry items, including toothbrushes, soaps, etc. Often, women come to them literally with nothing but the clothes on their backs. There is a great need for "comfort items." I know the donation would be greatly appreciated!

Make Foam Hand Soap

I use it to make foam soap for a dispenser. Just add an inch to the bottle and fill it up with warm water. Body wash is usually very heavily scented and this makes a nice foam soap to wash your hands.
Claudia in Maine

Use Excess Body Wash as a Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Use it instead of toilet bowl cleaner. It's less harsh, leaves a better smell, and still cleans the bowl.
Chris in Ontario, Canada

Makes a Great Substitute for Shampoo

At a B&B, I realized I had forgotten my shampoo. I used the body wash with great success. If it cleans the body, why not my hair?

Have a Cleaner Bathroom

Body wash can be used to clean your bathtub. It's good enough for your body, and it's good enough for your tub and shower. Just take an old bath scrunchie, add a squirt, and clean the shower while you are still in it or the bath as the water is draining. Use the showerhead or the draining bath water to rinse, and you'll have no ring around the tub or soap scum residue. It's that easy. Since it's body wash, it's not harsh on your skin like typical bath and shower cleaners.

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Body wash can be used to clean your toilet. I got this tip from Flylady and it's a hoot. Fill a tall container that can hold a toilet brush halfway with clean water and add a few squirts of body wash. Each morning or night after you finished your bathroom routine, just pull the brush out of the soapy water and swish it around the bowl. Doing this will keep any rings from forming and cleans the bowl each day with no fumes or harsh chemicals.
Valeria in GA

Clean Combs and Brushes

Instead of using shampoo, pour some body wash into a sink with running water. Then wash your combs and hair brushes in it.
Rachel in Roanoke, VA

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