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Whether you are getting a new mortgage or simply refinancing, you need to consider whether you want to find the lender yourself or whether you'd prefer to have a professional walk you through the process. There's no one right answer. Some people prefer to do it all themselves. Others like to know that they have a pro to help.

We'll give you two options here. We've worked with both and can comfortably recommend them to you.

If you want to do it yourself, use the mortgage rate table below from our friends at You'll be asked for some basic information. Then you'll see different lenders and their rates. Bankrate checks these rates regularly to make sure they're legit.

If you prefer to have someone walk you through the process, we recommend ArcLoan. For over 25 years they've been working with clients to help them manage their mortgage. Not just refinance it, but manage it through the years. We tell you more about ArcLoan here.

Not sure how to determine if a refinance is best for you? Take a look at Should You Consider Refinancing Your Mortgage?

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